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All fingers are not equal

Updated on August 26, 2014

I saw Chris few days back after so many years,we were best of friends those days in school but how time fly, then boys and now men. He is happily married with two kids and owns a big super market and a chain of guest house. He owns three exotic cars and has built four houses. I compared myself with him and tears took over me. This was a boy that copied from me those days in school, look at where he is now and I am yet to figure out where I am heading to. No wife, no kids, no house of my own, no cars, not even money. I can't boast of my daily bread. I left him dejected and hated the day I was born. This morning While walking down the street, I passed through the cemetery and I saw Dr Mike. He just left the grave of Frank, I was actually born same day with Frank and we were class mates too. I compared myself with Frank and immediately felt on my knees and glorified God because when there is life there is hope. I am so happy for myself and now I just bless the day I was born... All fingers are not equal. Be happy and never ever compare yourself with others because we are all unique.

I am in the deep pit

There is not light

I am in the deep forest

There is no hope

But you watch over me


I am in my my house

There is no food

I am with my friends

There is no love

But you are mindful of me


I am in the mist of my enemies

My cup overflows

I am a stranger here on earth

My destiny unknown

But you direct me

How can i compare myself with others knowing that you care so much about me, you are mindful of the birds of the air, talk more of me.

All fingers are not equal but are unique in their different sizes because all finger fingers are important.

Thank you Lord for giving me life, for giving me grace and for protecting me against the ungodly and wicked one.

I will forever praise thee my Lord, my exceeding joy because you have always taken care of me, from birth to today, you have been watching over me.


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