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Weather Talk, A Poem About Climate Change

Updated on May 31, 2012
Climate Change: Flooding
Climate Change: Flooding | Source
Climate Change: Drought
Climate Change: Drought
Climate Change: Distaster Winds
Climate Change: Distaster Winds

Weather Talk:

Diligent forests

And the mighty sea,

Join to fight,

The enduring battle

Only the brave last!

They grip each other

By the arm, to hold

This world together.

The north winds howl


Clouds talk of their fate

And mock the sky.

Earth struggles

To keep a straight face,

From all its changing colors.

The Sun burns furiously,

Sets fire to the rain.

All walks of life, take cover

From the frantic thunder!

All living things,

Mourn over their empire.

“Behold, the force of life

Inhabits in all existence!”

Proclaims the creator.

Mountains electrified

Begin to echo…

“Change is near!”

Rivers cry out streams

Of sparkling fresh waters.

©Copyright Pearlmacb 2012. All Rights Reserved.


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