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Website Traffic Booms You Have To Know About

Updated on August 22, 2010

Logo Used For Recognition

This Logo Image is used in my websites for recognition
This Logo Image is used in my websites for recognition

Lets look at three factors that are proven to advance your Internet marketing by giving you a swell of website traffic. These factors are subject matter, targeted traffic and high conversions. Producing quality content for websites can be rather simple. As long as you are acquainted with the steps to use and how to link them to your site, then this will show not to be a difficult maneuver for you.

High conversion rate will almost immediately follow to bring both content and traffic to your website. Excellence in content will almost always bring targeted website traffic. By way of the targeted traffic comes the high conversions pace for you and your site. Odds on all the three factors, you will observe that getting targeted traffic is the one not without difficulty to attained.

The greater part of your effort should be with getting relevant inbound link and publishing your free articles on sites over the Internet. The measure of traffic driven by inbound link and article is less than that driven by search engine or information banks. However, targeted traffic is easily bent to be converted. That is why it is healthier to put more time in receiving inbound links and writing articles.

One crucial component of online promotion is to understand your website traffic’s mixture. It can tell you what your customers are looking for, what they carry out at websites they visit and the dealings they want done. If you have a deep-rooted perceptive of what you are creating, you will be able to make some good strategic and advertising decisions. This is not just for your website, for your whole business as well.

There are many ways to generate traffic to your web site. Some of the most popular are Article Marketing with site that allow you to submit articles relevant to your website. Social sites that let you find and invite friends and fans. Blogs that publish to the web anything you want to write about and get input from followers about your blog. Video sites where you can upload video you have or made that helps to promote your web site and then too if it is something that gets attention can become viral. These sites allow fans to share embed and forward content they like.

Sites Like :

  • Blog-spot Google blog many use to promote their internet activities and web site promotions. You can use ad-sense here to make revenue as well as links to content relative to your blog. It comes with capsules or modules like Photos,Videos,Comments, Text, Ebay, Amazon advertisements, and News related articles.
  • Face Book A social site with a profile about you and your activities with a wall where people can post comments about what they are doing at that moment. Photos, videos, and many other modules can be shared with fans,friends and even a family tree.They allow you to create pages that are about your business. Many people create ads to display along side their content which can produce revenue. Anew feature of the site is MyDeals, were you can advertise associate products of special deals Promotions in partnership with Doba. which is a great "Drop shipper", that gives great support.
  • I Google This site is about modules and content which you chose for display. There are news feeds, from all sorts of articles weather, sports, news, comics, stock updates from "Wall Street", and embedded "Word Press Blog". Here to is the ability to integrate and monetize your adsense ads for commissions earned from displayed ads.
  • Hub Pages This Page is an example of "Hub Pages" again a site dedicated to articles of relevant content with modules to use for Photos, Text, Video, and advertising from Ebay, Amazon, and news feeds. Articles allow the user to make links to other related articles and web sites. The nifty thing with hub pages is relieve content that actually serves to improve and enhance the readers knowledge and even stirs the imagination with some interesting view points.
  • MSN Live The site here allows you to do so much more if you know how to connect to a network of friends and family. There are products like work space where you are given all kinds of tools to promote yourself and activities. It also lets you upload from your computer to the work space. Create web pages with group activities and network with the people you allow, and Make Power Point presentations.
  • My Space Was first used by college students to help each other with there school work but as every thing that evolves on the web has blossomed into a great marketing tool of real social activities with Photos,Videos, and modules to share almost anything that is available with of course certain guidelines.
  • Twitter A blow by blow of the days activities between friends and fans. Many modules and links to other people and their activities in real time. Here followers can follow what you are doing and share them with their friends and fans. Boy is this a jewel for getting the word out about your activities on the web.
  • Word Press Probably the most popular blog site where you can actually set up on your hosted domain. The possibilities are endless to promote what you have and with the search engines looking to for content can develop your site fast to a prominent position for the key words related to your site.
  • Yahoo One of the first sites published for web searches and content. Instant messaging with chat and chat rooms. My Yahoo lets you place all kinds of apps and articles. You can get web sites and advertising domain names and web hosting.
  • You Tube What can be said here? This site is awesome, social interaction with videos from all over the world. You can upload your videos and set up a channel to advertise anything you have and share them. They have ratings too that you can rate a video on. Using Google feeds you can promote your Bob's You Tube Channel.

There are many more that are not mentioned but are still good to use.

For more information about Internet marketing "Bob's Internet Marketing Blog"

Website Traffic Tricks To Avoid Using

If you are looking for good quality website traffic for your website business, you'll find there are a lot of techniques to make that happen.

However, be aware that there are also many so called website traffic gurus out there that are just waiting to trick you and will hinder you from achieving success, while they take from out something you have worked so hard for. Some of the things to know and avoid to help you keep from having your time, effort and money sucked down the drain. Take note of the top nine ways to protect and avoid your site from these issues.

1. The first is to check out websites that are offering free software or free submissions before you begin budgeting for advertising. Not all paid sites are better than free websites. Take notes and compare sites that are offering reliable and useful free services that you can take advantage of. If you choose free sites, you'll have an advantage on what your business cost result is as having to pay anything for it. Try to include into your site what you have chosen and monitor if they result in effective website traffic or not. This will help as a good future reference.

2. Do not spend out needed cash on information that you could have gotten for free. Many websites you browse gives all the information with no fee. These websites are publishing valuable things like techniques and tips that will actually be helpful in increasing your website traffic.

3. Never follow promises that seem to good to be true, because they are just that. It will save you a lot of time effort and money. Absolutely , you will come across persons that tell you that they are gurus and masters, and that they can bring a copious amounts of website traffic to your site. It would be to your interest to check out their credentials first before signing up for anything. Do some research, read and search reviews about these people and their site. Always remember that promises are not often kept or made into reality. Look beyond the words they state the old saying, " Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see".

4. Don't use what works poorly and use more of what works well. If you've done something that does increased your website traffic, keep using that and expand on it. But if you find something that it is not doing what it is supposed to do, get rid of it immediately. There are many kinds software and technique that you can find to use that will prove much more effective. Do not try to keep holding on to something that does not give you good results for your site. They are just a really big waste of your time and even money.

5. Learn to make it a habit to do everything yourself, and efficiently. When learn how and understand the intricacies of website traffic, you will not need other people`s expertise anymore. Having accurate knowledge of how things work will make it difficult for others to take advantage of you. You'll not be easily bilked into something you would regret later. Browse and do research over the Internet about the tools and strategies you can use to increase your website traffic. In addition, research about things that are unimportant, see what you do not necessary need. These things can save you a bunch of money also.

6. Make the most of what money you are spending. When you are making a success of your website, you would not think twice about spending every bit of money you have just to make everything work. But, you have to be aware that there are a lot of slammers out there wanting to get hold of you hard-earned money. Be very wary of who you are giving your money to.

7. Your website presents is important in attracting traffic. The way your site looks and feels is one determining factors in bringing the website traffic you will be getting. A professional looking website with easy browsing to everything will attract traffic more than a site that cannot be navigated easily or is too cluttered.

8. Have your website reviewed by someone. Ask them for their honest opinion about how your site appears to them. Negative comments can be helpful, and positive ones because these will help give you an idea of what changes should be done.

9. Check out anyone offering you their services to be what they claim. Do not fall for some pretentious individuals that do not really care about you or your website traffic. They are all for something that will benefit them more than you.

Be on your guard for this kind of promoters always remember "Buyers Beware". For further information and example of a good web site that promotes service and products that are real and shippable to you physically too. 'Bob's Shops Online'

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