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Wee Max

Updated on February 17, 2015

Mischievious beyond belief.

Wee Max the puppy,full of joy.

Mad as a hatter,typical boy.

Chews plastic bottles,and squeaky toys.

He definitely knows,what are boys toys.

Max is now three months old,

Typical boy puppy,cheeky and bold.

Since he arrived,life's been great.

Looks like my old dog Jake,

Maybe it's fate.

He would never replace our old dog who passed,

But our love for Max ,is sure to last.

A cut wee face,hilarious bark,

Loves going walks to the biggest park.

Full of energy,I struggle to keep pace,

I need to keep fit,as everything is a race.

Looks like a Rottweiller,crossed with a terrier.

A decent mix,just makes him merrier.

100 miles per hour, is his average speed,

I need to take breaks,I often feel the need.

Loves being in my car,watching everything fly by,

He misses nothing,he has the keenest eye.

He eats non stop,has a great appetite,

Always hungry, from morning till night.

He gets on well with my three legged cat,

Cats not so keen,thinks the dogs a brat.

I hope they will be friends,as time rolls by,

When I see them fighting,I let out a sigh.

Max wants to be friends,he's just a bit rough,

Cat is always moaning,but life is tough.

I separate them often,before Max goes to far,

Usually take him a run,go off in my car.

Once they both realise,they're both here to stay.

It might get easier,I hope and pray.

I love my pets,they give me such joy.

I walk him for miles,an amazing boy.

Keeps me fit,makes me feel better,

Health is important,I do it to the letter.

Hope he's here for years,I dread when he goes.

You never know the future,no one knows.

Big decision.

Before we chose Max,it was a hard decision.We were all still a bit raw from losing Jake.He was such an integral part of our household.We just didn't want to choose any old dog to bring in to our home.At the start, I was initially against getting a puppy, I thought I could never love another dog as much as I did with Jake.And to be quite truthfull,I wasn't sure if I'd just ignore him if we got another dog,because of the pain of losing Jake.

I should not have worried,the minute we set our eyes on Max,our minds were made up.Such an easy decision after all.

A joy to be with.

Rescue Centre.

After deciding to get a puppy, lots of sources crossed our minds.We thought of local people breeding dogs,maybe from a newspaper. At the end of the search we decided to go to a dog rescue centre.I checked the local listings,and the SSPCA centre in Ayr had lots of dogs needing rehomed.We were asked to go for a visit to allow the dogs to get aquatinted with us.We had two visits in all.We got max home,and we have never looked back.We were charged a substantial fee,but if you consider what you get for the fee,it's not too bad.It was over a hundred pounds,but this included his vaccinactions,vet check,electronic tagging,and neutering in five months free.All in all,it's a good deal.Going to get a dog from a rescue centre,or a cat for that matter,is a good cause.

Me and my boy.

Choices choices.

When I got to the rescue centre,the staff advised me not to give any other dogs attention.I understand their reasoning,but I just couldn't ignore the rest of the dogs.My wife was giving me the look because I stopped at every cage,and spoke to all the dogs,I was like a kid in a sweet shop.i was in my element.Eventually I got to the cage I was supposed to be at.I clapped all the pups in the cage ,which again I was not supposed to do.I was in awe of the pups,I couldn't talk to one and ignore the rest.I have to say though,the staff and the centres are so committed and underfunded its a shame.I give a monthly donation to help the centre we got Max from.They do a wonderful job,with very little money.they are to be commended for what they do I think.Every couple of months we also take up food parcels for the centre.Every little helps.

Government should help.

I think the Government should re-evaluate their priorities.There are no charities that recieve regular funding from the Government,I think this is a shameful disgrace on their part.When you think of the money members of parliament squander each year on luxuries,I think they could very easily support a few charities.Im sure if the budget was looked at again,they would be able to spare some money to charitable organisations,as every one of them struggle to make ends meet.If we calculated how much money British Mps have lied and cheated about over the years about their expenses.Some of the things they have claimed for are laughable,it would amount to a sizeable sum.I think that money could have done better work in the hands of any charity,let alone a dogs trust.

Charity versus Moat.

This expense claimed is the one that sticks in my throat the most.One MP had the audacity to claim a few hundred pounds for his Moat that ran by his house.Thankfully he was caught and reprimanded for his greed.How are the public expected to trust Mps when they behave in such a bad way.This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to laughable claims for expenses.Charity needs more help than they recieve at the moment. I'm by no means the richest guy in the world,but I do believe in giving to charity when I can,If the generosity of the public stopped,they would literally have nothing.Its not as if any government will open up their purses to help.

Searching high and low.

While searching for a suitable dog we came across so many dog rescue centres,it was shocking.I even signed up to The Rottweiler Rescue centre in Scotland.I love these dogs.I would take them all if I had more money,and a bigger garden.The fact there are so many rescue centres in Scotland and England is a sad indictment on our society I think.The one centre we visited had over fifty dogs in its centre,over thirty of the dogs were Staffordshire pit bull terriers.They seem to be the most abandoned dogs in Scotland.Its a terrible shame.I would take one of these dogs no problem.The recent statistics show most people who get a Staffordshire pit bull terrier underestimate them.They don't know that the dogs for instance are very active.They are constantly on the go.They have a bad reputation due to a few bad owners,it's not fair as I think they are great wee dogs,and very loyal.

Likes his sleep.

Funding sources.

Should the Government help charity?

See results

Next rescue dog.

Over the past few weeks we as a family have talked about the possibility of getting a second dog.I imagine Max would like a friend to grow up with,as the cat is never going to be his biggest admirer.People who know me say I'm a bit mad to consider a second dog,especially as Max is only a puppy.Ive had dogs all my life,so I think training two dogs would not be that much harder than training one.My experience is,when one dog is training,the other dog tends to follow in its footsteps.Two puppies growing up together could make an unbreakable bond for life.I think I am talking myself in to getting a second dog,only time will tell.

New addition.


Early birthday present.

Today my five girls surprised me with a bearded dragon.Ive wanted one for a very long time,to say he is beautiful would be an understatement.He's already been introduced to Max the puppy.The dog didn't really bother,he seemed a bit confused more than anything.Its a wonderfull gift I will treasure for years to come.Thats the joy of having such great kids.They spoilt me for sure.The bearded dragon is a bit mental to say the least.All day long he has been sprinting up and down his vivarium.I dare say in the pet shop he would have shared his tank.Now he's been spoiled for choice,so maybe that accounts for the excitement.He will get bigger,so maybe a tank change is in order in his future.I may even get him a companion to share his home.


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