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Well Said - A Column Introduction

Updated on December 4, 2012
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A Software Developer, who loves to design eCards and write poetry in her free time. It's wonderful to help others express their feelings.

Five Stars!!
Five Stars!!

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Today I was thinking about some of my favorite stories. Whether they were stories of films, or novels/books etc. they all had one thing in common. They had some incidence, some dialogue which had a beautiful meaning - a meaningful message which stayed with me. With the span of time, the complete memory of the story might not be as fresh in your memory, but this message, and your strong feeling about it, makes a lasting impression.

Such messages are actually glimpse of a complete philosophy. Sometimes an entire story is trying to instate that message and sometimes a single story is a treasure of great thought provoking ideas. The ideas could be directly stated, in simple language, but more than often, stories have a poetic quality about them. They subtly state the message - sometimes it's symbolic, either too tightly coupled with character or incidence to be direct (fiction); or it is stated in a different world - mostly this is case with fantasies.

My New Column at HubPages

Sometimes these messages are so thought provoking that it becomes a necessity to channelize those thoughts into words. Now onwards, under the hub-names followed by phrase - "Well Said", I'll choose some story/quote/book/movie/poem, and the meaningful message(s) expressed by it, which appealed to my heart. I'll express my thoughts, my opinions about the chosen message/thought and would love to have feedback/opinions.

Authors or Magicians of Words/Ideas?

The authors who are able to convey these messages, sometimes I think of them as magicians - Magicians of words and ideas. Not only do they express a belief close to their heart, they meet the challenge of seamlessly integrating this belief in the story so that its far more effective - reaches more hearts, influences more minds compared to plain preaching words.

Check out the hubs in this column:

Responsibility to Say What they mean, and mean carefully

However, they often have to be careful. With a powerful medium like cinema that directly reaches millions, expression of the right idea is a challenge. A little overlook or carelessness can end up expressing the thought in such a way that its impact is negative. It is rather a very fine line which is not very difficult to cross.

A failure could cost a wrong message/idea implant which is rather dangerous. It's a burden of social responsibility that each sensible creator carries. The challenge is massive because of the versatility of perception, intensity of feelings. For instance, in cinema, if a popular actor does a negative role, the proper portrayal is extremely important, else the movie maker might end up glorifying a negative character.

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    • anusha15 profile image

      Anusha Jain 6 years ago from Delhi, India

      @ WillStarr: I'm really glad you would :), thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    • WillStarr profile image

      WillStarr 6 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      Very thoughtful. I'll be looking forward to it!