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Wendi's List of The Best Fiction From 2013

Updated on May 9, 2015

Number 10: Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

10) Doctor Sleep - Stephen King Danny Torrence is all grown up and he still has his special powers. What's he doing these days? Are his powers still prevalent? Why not read and see what happened to the little boy who's dad when nutty in the hills of snowy Colorado, and while you're at it, revisit some of the scariest ghosts at the Overlook Hotel. I recommend re-reading 'The Shining' before 'Doctor Sleep.' It's well worth the time, effort, and chill factor.

Number 9: NOS482 by Joe Hill

9) NOS482- Joe Hill Joe Hill is Stephen King's son, and like daddy, he can really spook a reader. Take an adventure with Mr. Christmas to Christmas Land, where all little children who are abducted go to grow sharp razor teeth and turn into little demons. This book is terrifying, and it gave me nightmares- and I still have visions of Christmas Land in my head. A cool thing about this book is that Stephen King and Joe Hill cross over some of their characters.

Number 8: The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult

8) The Storyteller- Jodi Picoult creates a vast array of rich characters compose this current day reminiscence on the happenings at a concentration camp at the time of World War II. Your enemies might be closer than you think. A wonderful story that left me aching for the main characters- a look at what it was like to be German and why they believed at the time, that what they were doing was right. Ms Picoult never ceases to make us think!

Number 7: We Are Water by Wally Lamb

7) We Are Water- Wally Lamb Lamb is a master storyteller and We Are Water doesn't disappoint. Told from the views of several different characters, We Are Water focuses on an estranged family and the help they need from one another from events that occurred in the past, the present and the future. Lamb is definitely my favourite author of all time, and I highly recommend 'She's Come Undone' and 'I Know This Much Is True' if you've not read them. He's so compelling and his stories swallow me until I am finished reading them!

Number 6: Me Before You by JoJo Moyes

6) Me Before You byJojo Moyes -This book is an eternal love story, and it's also about stretching oneself to the limits not for personal gain, but for the love and the security of the ones you love. Rich characters, touching scenes and a huge predicament- what do you do when the one you love wants to commit assisted suicide because they are in constant pain? Excellent book, very well written.

Number 5: Orange Is The New Black By Piper Kerman

5) Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman (also turned into a fantastic series by Netflix). What would you do if something stupid from the past came to haunt you, and you found yourself estranged from your fiancé and your family to be in a women's prison? What things would you have to do to survive? Piper story is heart warming, funny, terrifying and bigger than life.

Number 4: Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight

4) Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight- A mother has a certain intuition about her children that she has to rely on and cannot just ignore. If your son or daughter committed suicide for no apparent reason, wouldn't you want to know more about why or how it happened? Amelia's mother did, and she finds much more than she ever bargained for. Haunting, gripping and emotional, I delved into this novel and ate it voraciously!

Number 3: Tell The Wolves I'm Dead by Carol Brunt

3) Tell The Wolves I'm Home- Carol Brunt It's so hard for a child who loves her uncle to watch him die of AIDS, especially in the 80s when few people accepted the fact that you couldn't get AIDS through osmosis. A young niece finds as much time to spend with her dying uncle even though she's forbidden to, and their relationship is one I will never forget

Number 2: Life After Death by Damian Echols

2) Life After Death- Damian Echols In the 1980s, three young boys went to prison for three murders they did not commit. They were released with the 'Alfred Plea' which allowed them to leave prison, one death row, as long as they plead guilty while maintaining their innocence. Damian Echols, the individual who was on death row for 20 years of his life for doing nothing, writes a book that will chill you to the bone and make you never want to see the inside walls of a prison.

Number 1: Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld

1) Sisterland- Curtis Sittenfeld I am a huge fan of Sittenfeld and I love her book 'American Wife' and 'Prep.' She has such a relaxed way of story telling and the same goes about the two sisters who have ties that bind, even if they are sick of the glue. One has psychic powers, the other tries to suppress them- and the truth is it doesn't work for either of them.


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