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We’re All Unique

Updated on May 14, 2017
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Arjay is studying in college for mostly three years. He used to make poems when he was in Highschool.

We are unique in our very own way. We don't need to be like anybody. We don't need to imitate successful persons to be successful. We will discover how to succeed in our own way. We just need to know what are the skills we possess and utilize them in order to stand out.


There are different kinds of people

Some seeks peace and others seeks trouble

Some protects the environment

And some seeks their own development

Each of us have different strengths and weaknesses

We have our own way to get out our own messes

We differ in our way to survive

Some just rides other people’s tide

We don’t need to compare ourselves to others

We just have to use our own ability and climb father

The failure we’ll face is not an issue

As long as we’ll strive with our intentions clean and true

There are also good and bad

Others that go amok and make people sad

People that stand for what’s right

People that dislikes fight

There are also people that inspires others

The type of person who can be a leader

Those who shine bright

And seen emits a bright light

Some may hurt others to achieve their goal

Those that send out loud growls

They’re not afraid to hurt others

Just for them to be winners

There are these amazing intellects

The mind of each often intersects

A lot of them made some stunning discoveries

Studying hard, seldom catch some z’s

So don’t be down we’re all unique

Each of us has his own music

A voice for the world to hear

A determination nobody can tear


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