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Weston Wagons West - Ep. L29 - Levi Weston Kept up With Local Businesses

Updated on December 7, 2017
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Dr. Bill's first passion is family history. His second is a passion for creating family saga, historical fiction stories that share it.

The General Merchandise store in Oak Springs changed ownership

Fresh produce on the shelf
Fresh produce on the shelf

General Merchandise store in Oak Springs changed hand

1880 opened with news of a major business ownership change that caught Levi a bit by surprise. He was not surprised that Owen and Anna Olson were ready to retire. But, he was surprised that a rather extensive set of transactions took place without his hearing about it as it was being negotiated. A few days later, Levi had an opportunity to talk to Owen Olson.

Levi: So you are really going to retire?

Owen: Yes, Levi, it is time. It is probably way past time, to tell you the truth. Anna and I have had a wonderful life here in Oak Springs, from the very beginning.

Levi: I have certainly enjoyed hearing your stories of those early days. You two have had quite a life here.

Owen: Yes, and we are so fortunate to each still have our health. Now, with the two grandchildren, it is time to take it easy and enjoy watching them grow up.

Levi: You have certainly earned that time.

Owen: We will miss having the store, of course.

Levi: Of course you will. It has been a big part of your life. I’ve met Clyde and Minerva Orchard. They seem well prepared to take on the store and continue to serve the community.

Owen: Yes. We were so happy to get to know them when they approached us. Having the store continue was our biggest concern. We have so many regular customers that depend on us. I’m confident they will continue. They even plan to focus on the grocery items and add a meat and butcher shop. That will be a nice addition to the town.

Levi: It certainly will be. I’m looking forward to visiting regularly, myself.

Levi won a Chocolate Cake in the drawing

A Chocolate Cake
A Chocolate Cake

Wilhite Drug recognized their first anniversary in Oak Springs

Levi was pleased to visit Wilhite Drug on their first anniversary to wish Martin and Martha, Cynthia and Reese, well. They had been among the first to get involved in the new Chamber of Commerce and were very active members of the business community. Cynthia welcomed Levi and urged him to participate in their ‘Glad you were here!’ contest. He was a bit reluctant, but she was so sweet, and so insistent, that he filled out a slip with his name on it and dropped it into the box. She said the second drawing of the day was about to occur, so please pay attention when it happens in a few minutes. Levi smiled, thanked her, and began to move around the store, greeting the people he knew as he did so.

He was talking to Jerry Potts when Cynthia Wilhite blew a whistle to get everyone’s attention. It did.

Cynthia: On behalf of my parents, Martin and Martha, and my brother, Reese, I want to welcome each of you here today and thank you for stopping by our store to share our first anniversary. I’m sure everyone has already taken their one cupcake from the table there near the back of the store, with the big sign. But, if you haven’t, please do so. Limit to one a piece, if you will, so that we get a decent count of how many have come through the story, today. Thank you! Now, for our second prize drawing today, the winner will receive that beautiful chocolate layer cake over there that my mother handcrafted. I’ll ask Rev. Bailey, if you will come up and do the honors, to pick the winner out of this box I am holding - and, you will win, even if you pick out your own name.

Rev. Bailey: (pulling a slip of paper out and reading it) Levi Weston, you are the winner. Are you here?

Levi: Oh my, yes I am. (Levi walked over to where Cynthia and Rev. Bailey stood) What do I do now? I certainly didn’t expect to hear my name called.

Cynthia: As the winner, you can take the cake with you when you leave, or, Reese will bring it by your home or business after we close today.

Levi: Oh, thank you. If Reese could bring it to my house later today, that would be wonderful. I’ll plan to share it will the workers at the Wagon Works, tomorrow. I know they will enjoy it, as much as I will. Thank you.

Levi met the new bank clerk at the bank

Three men working in a bank in a small town early in the twentieth century ( one is the grandfather of the author)
Three men working in a bank in a small town early in the twentieth century ( one is the grandfather of the author)

New clerk at the bank

On Thursday, April 1st, Levi made a point of going over to the bank to meet the new clerk that Ralph Campbell had hired, Seaborn Carr. Ralph had announced the hiring at a Chamber meeting, but this was the first day that Seaborn was actually going to be on the job. Ralph Campbell, the bank President, saw Levi coming and greeted him as he entered the bank. He introduced Levi to Seaborn immediately.

Levi: Welcome to Oak Springs, Seaborn. I understand you come to us from St. Louis. That may take some adjustment.

Seaborn: Some, perhaps. I did just recently complete the banking program at Washington University in St. Louis, yes. But I was born and raised in a small town, in the northern part of the state, only a bit larger than Oak Springs.

Levi: Perhaps you will fit right in here, then.

Seaborn: Hopefully, yes. This is where I want to make my home, if all goes as planned.

Ralph: And, we here at the bank certainly hope that is the way it works out, as well. Seaborn is currently staying at the Duncan Boarding House, but we are encouraging him to plant some roots, as soon as feasible.

Levi: I’m glad to hear that. There are more options to do that around here every day. Let me know if I may help in any way.

Note by the author

This episode continues the Levi Weston family saga fictional stories. Levi Weston family stories were included, from time to time, in the ‘Life in Oak Springs’ and ‘The Kings of Oak Springs’ stories elsewhere here on HubPages. Those stories occurred during the 1876-1886 time frame. This present series is reliving that period but from the viewpoint of this Weston family, through this second set of 20 episodes.

As noted in Episode L1 of this series of historical fiction family saga stories, all of the characters in this episode are fictional. Activities and events are consistent with known historical facts, but are entirely fictitious. The Weston characters, as well as the McDonalds, were first created as a part of “The Homeplace Saga” stories. The first 20 episodes of this Lx series filled in the early years of the lives of Levi, Jacob and their family.

Some of the stories of the "American Centennial at the Homeplace: The Founding (1833-1875)" collection of historical fiction family saga short stories have also been published on "The Homeplace Saga" blog, found at the link, below, including those introducing Levi and Jacob Weston.

These first 20 episodes of the Levi Weston story have been compiled into an ebook: “Weston Wagons West: Levi Weston, L1-20 (1823-1874).” Thank you for your support.

“The Homeplace Saga” historical fiction family saga stories are the creation of the author, William Leverne Smith, also known as “Dr. Bill.”

Video Book Trailer

Video Book Trailer


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