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Weston Wagons West - Ep. U2 - Update Two

Updated on October 18, 2014
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Dr. Bill's first passion is family history. His second is a passion for creating family saga, historical fiction stories that share it.

Weston Wagons West

Wooden Wagon Wheels
Wooden Wagon Wheels | Source

Status of Weston Wagons West stories at 28 episodes

There are now six groups of stories within the Weston Wagons West suite of historical fiction stories. The first three, as discussed in Update One, represent stories of the three original Weston brothers in America who then interact with actual historical ancestors of the author. The William Weston stories, now marked with an episode number such as Ep. Wx (1-3, currently), began in Massachusetts and moved to New Hampshire, currently through the Revolutionary War.

The Thomas Weston stories, labeled Ep. Tx (1-7, currently), began in Virginia, moved to Ohio, and most recently to Illinois. They follow Preston and Duncan ancestral families of the author, to date. What would have been episode 8 has, instead, been numbered L1 to represent the purely fictional stories of Levi, and his father, Jacob, Weston - characters first created in "The Homeplace Saga" [] series of stories of the author. These are pure fiction, in historical settings, not directly related to author ancestors. These stories will add depth and detail to lives of these characters, not currently possible in the current formats used for the founding stories of "The Homeplace Saga" since these are secondary characters in those stories.

The James Weston stories began in Maryland in the mid-1600s. They are labeled Ep. Jx (1-13, currently). These stories share historical information about the Kinnick ancestors of the author. After the Revolutionary War, this set of stories also branches. The ongoing Jx series will follow the Kinnick family branch into Ohio - the John and Mary stories. These are the author's direct ancestors. The new Dx series follows David Weston as he, along with the growing John and Ann Kinnick family, moved to North Carolina. Ann was the sister of the other John; she married her first cousin, John. They had a large family and each of them had large families with many interesting stories to share as they moved into Tennessee and on to Indiana and westward.

The sixth category, of course, is the Introduction and Update group, labeled with Ep. Ux (currently 0-2). This hub, number 28 overall, is Ep. U2, of course.

In case you get confused by all the Weston men's name, don't forget, you can always check this reference:

The first novel in "The Homeplace Saga" series

View the Book Trailer for Back to the Homeplace

David Weston shares the John and Ann Kinnick stories

On his genealogy blog, the author, as Dr. Bill, has been running a 2014 Tuesday meme called: "52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks," that provides some of the background for the depth and breadth of the John and Ann stories. Those posts start with one of their sons, George Washington Kinnick at:

This series of posts related to other siblings of George, as this is written, is scheduled for each Tuesday through #24 James Kinnick on June 10. The stories in this series will also depend to a large extent on research and family records accumulated for the "2003 KINNICK Genealogy Book Online," compiled by the author:

This family was also documented in the 1953 "A Genealogical History of the Kinnick Family of America" by Mrs. Nettie Edna Kinnick Waggener. The 2003 50th anniversary compilation is an update to this 1953 work.

Learn more about the George Washington Kinnick family

Civil War Stories

Statue of a Civil War Soldier at Gettysburg
Statue of a Civil War Soldier at Gettysburg | Source

Levi and Jacob Weston earned a series of their own stories of the Civil War era

As mentioned earlier, Levi and Jacob were originally created as minor (Jewish) characters in the Founding stories of "The Homeplace Saga" when they were being created. As development of those story lines progressed, these characters seemed to cry out for more attention. In addition, as leading characters in "The Homeplace Saga" Founding stories had to leave their home community, Oak Springs, during the time of the Civil War, the stories of their activities did not fit well in that narrative, but, since they were interacting with Levi and Jacob Weston during that period, this gave inspiration to sharing some of those stories here. Watch for those new stories, here coming soon, as this is written.

Levi Weston has already been introduced as a character in another new series of stories, The King Family of Oak Springs is over on my Homeplace Series home on HubPages at:

This is episode 3 of what, to date, is a 6 episode series with many more on the drawing board. I hope you will drop by there, as well. Be sure to click Follow, while you are there, if you have not already done so! ;-)

The latest novel in "The Homeplace Series"

View the Book Trailer for "Christmas at the Homeplace"

Could you pan for gold in this creek?

A fast moving creek
A fast moving creek | Source

Future Weston Wagons West stories in the planning stages

We have Martie Weston and J.P. Preston set up to cross the Mississippi River on their journey to the Gold Fields of California. From Mercer County in Illinois, we will see several stories branching out across Illinois and then over into Iowa where my recent direct heritage lies. The Kinnick family that just arrived in Belmont County, Ohio, with Karl Weston, will interact with several families there, and take multiple tracks westward to Iowa.

We will find a Weston arriving from Virginia in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, where Thomas Butler was making rifles for the Revolutionary War. His sons, and nephews, Irishmen all, played key roles in those and later years. One of those nephews was another among the author's great-grandfathers. The many North Carolina cousins were mentioned above, and there are unending well-documented stories there that have not been published beyond the one book.

One day, the author will receive permission to include ancestors of his wife in these stories. The Wilson's were founders of Hartford, Connecticut, and two hundred years later were active in the Underground Railroad, well-documented, with fascinating stories. Others were AntiBaptists from Switzerland who settled in Germantown, moving into Pennsylvania for many years, before migrating west into Ohio, Illinois, and Iowa. Wonderful stories.

If these interest you, I encourage you to register with HubPages and click the Follow button on my Profile page so that you get an email when a new story is posted. Thank you for getting this far, and for your continuing support:


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