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What A Woman Has Done To My Soul.

Updated on December 12, 2009


What a woman has done to my soul!





Wrung out like

a sponge, gently pressed,

allowing all of passions

flow to wet us,
Caressed like a canary

in the palm of her hand,
moving my soul to song,
Dried up like a

dessicated fruit,
when the apple of

my eye declares goodbye.
Pierced along the edges

in scarred punctures
like a target on

the archery range
of cupids many near misses,
Soaring on each breath

exhaled between kisses
to heights only known by Gods,
Torn like the pages of

a rare book deleting all value
from the chapters

of our lives together,
Wrapped up snug

in the arms of love
gifting me with new

reasons to go on,
Moved to words

beyond my capabilities
wrought in poetry inspired

by her whispered adoration.

And in the wee

hours of the morn
all of the bliss shared

is replayed across
the expanse of

my souls chambers,
snippets of our joy

together creating
the movies

of my dreams.




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