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What A word "Sorry" Can Do?

Updated on April 5, 2017
Maria Cecilia profile image

Maria Cecilia believes that writing is a pleasure and at the same time a challenge to her flexibility.

A part of woman's life

It's a part of woman's life to give meaning to any single word that she encountered. Sorry is one of the most commonly used words that could mean so much. A bitter and hurt person always find it hard to just accept it but that's the way of life....


What is SORRY

Sorry, an act of asking for forgiveness, an act of humility. One who uttered it accepted his faults and shortcomings. That’s why very few bravely say it. Sorry sacrifices one’s pride. Depending on the situation, Sometimes “sorry” is the only word needed to unlock the mystery of a broken friendship. If you’re truly very sorry, and can’t express it in words, a simple pat on the shoulder or an embrace can express “sorry” silently. There are people who can’t say it because of fear of rejection. So saying sorry, is also taking a risk to get hurt by the one you offended, because whether you like it or not, he can either reject your apologies or accept it.

Sad thing about sorry

Sad thing about sorry is “it is never said ahead of time”. It is usually said after one sad event, and instantly became a word of consolation. But no matter how bad the situation is, a sorry can somehow lighten the load of pain. The one who said it to the one in pain, purposely shared in the burden of carrying the load, to lessen her misery. Sorry is good if it  said to rebuild friendship, if it is use to fill in the gap or to settle a conflict, and to save a relationship from complete ruined.

Are you really sorry?

Somebody said sorry to me, but when he said it, I know he did not really care whether his apologies are acceptable or not. He said sorry because it’s the only thing that he wanted to say. He thought the word can end all the questions and he did not want to argue. He said sorry, and turned his back! So how can I believe he is sincere when he too can not accept my apologies? He said sorry and finally he gave up on me.

Sometimes "Sorry's" are questionable apologies

But what is sorry when you’re already badly hurt and left with never-ending questions in mind? When to heal? Can I really take it? Have I done him really bad? Am I hopeless? Why is it so sudden? How long will I bear this pain? Etc.

What is sorry when instead of minimizing the pain, it became more intense. What is sorry when all you feel is a total devastation, and not encouragement…. and what is sorry if the one who said it, became colder than snow, that even one’s burning tears can’t melt it.? What is sorry if the one I expect to give me the relief that I need is the one who made me feel sorry for myself?

What is sorry when you don’t listen to my pleas? What is sorry if you placed a mountain of gap between us? So what is Sorry when instead of healing my wounds you add salt in it? Isn’t it that “sorry” is often followed by a moral lesson so that the pain will not be encountered for the second time around? So how can you say you’re sorry when you left me all torn and broken, and you never bother to fix me.

What is sorry? What is a five letter word that can be uttered only in a second as compared to the number of years loving only you? Just sorry for everything I have given away? So what is sorry really? Sorry for turning your back so suddenly…. sorry for what?

So does sorry really serve its purpose? I don’t think so.


but Life Never Ends with sad apologies

Because time heals all wounds and no one wanted to soak in loneliness forever, granting of forgiveness must be coming from the heart too, and when the Lord already cured you from pain, you will never require the word "sorry" to the one who offended you, because you already have forgiven them..

© 2010 Maria Cecilia


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