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What After Earth Taught Us About Freelancing?

Updated on April 25, 2017
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Marilyn is a freelance writer who focuses on SEO article writing, content writing, and academic papers.

One of our common pastimes is watching movies since this helps our minds to re-energize after long hours of work. In addition to entertainment, movies also offer some valuable lessons that can be applied in our everyday lives. In the case of freelancers like me, After Earth has something to offer.

After Earth is an American science fiction adventure film directed by M. Night Shyamalan. The original story idea came from the main actor of the film, Will Smith.

The film focused on Earth's future, a thousand years from now when environmental events reached its peak and completely altered the earth. The earth in the movie is not livable and this forced human beings to evacuate to another planet called Nova Prime.

However, humans are not only the entities who want Nova Prime. The Skrels (alien creatures) want to conquer Nova Prime. Consequently, they released the Ursas large predatory creatures who hunt and kill human beings. Because they are blind, the Ursas are incapable of seeing, but they can trace the presence of human beings through fear.

Because fear usually releases pheromones, Ursas can smell it and attack anyone who expressed fear. Therefore, one way to defeat the Ursas is through ghosting or suppressing fear to make themselves invisible to the Ursas.Cypher Raige (Will Smith) is the only Ranger who pioneered in this technique, and they gained their first victory with the help of Cyphers ghosting technique.

So what After Earth taught us about freelancing? Being a freelancer, we should learn how to suppress fear, that is, fear of rejection..fear of being imperfect and fear of being criticized. To become successful as freelancers, we need to learn how to address fear.

We must learn how to overcome effectively the Ursas in our lives..rejections, criticisms and the challenges that we face when we try to achieve our goals. Effectively addressing those Ursas is learning how to address our fears of facing them.

Since the movies tagline is Danger is Real, Fear is a Choice; then freelancers tagline must be Rejections are Real, Fear is a Choice.

Over To You

So how do you overcome fears in your life? You may share it in the comment section below.



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