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What Are You Doing Girl!

Updated on March 26, 2016

You are wearing a string of pearls and everything is your world

What are you going to throw away?

What are you going to keep?

You got all that attitude and a nickname for the streets

What are you doing girl!

You were bragging about your job

While eating corn on the Cobb

You are placing your bet's on which man you are going to pick up at the club tonight

What are you doing girl!

You have assets in the bank

But you are a shark in a tank

You talk badly about your friends

But you always got your two cents in

What are you doing girl!

When you are talking all of that smack

On the pavement your heels go click clack

In your all of your endeavors you are supreme

Chewing gum and acting mean

What are you doing girl!

You walk proudly while rolling your eyes

In your mind you are a prize

While reciting He loves me He loves me not

You are preparing a vengeful plot

You were shunned in your community for your ways in swirl

So everyone is asking now

What are you doing girl!


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