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What Do You Want From Here ?

Updated on November 25, 2016

Adelaku was to travel to his village for the Christmas holiday. This was his usual way of meeting old friends and families during the Christmas holiday.

So he got ready and packed his luggage, though, he often go to the nearest motor park to board a bus to his village but on this fateful day he desired to travel by getting a road-side car because he had not gotten enough money that year and he had to be in the village to resolve a dispute between his father and his uncle concerning a farmland.

He also was told that it is usually very cheap and sometimes you might be lucky to get a free ride from a friend or a car owner.

He got to the road side. He waved his hand to stop oncoming vehicle but none was willing to stop and after about 15 minute of waiting, he began to lose his patient but as he thought of going back home and the perfect excuse to present before his father, friends and other members of the family.

Suddenly, a Car horned and stopped ahead, then it began to reverse, when it gets to him it stopped and a man got out of the car and behold it was one of his childhood friend from same village who he has not seen for a long time.

He rushed to him with a joyful gaze and grabbed him with an embrace that could be compared to the one the bible said about the prodigal son and his father in the holy book and So they chatted for a while and his friend introduced him to his fiancée on the other side of the driver's sit, then he was asked what he (Adelaku) was doing beside the road with luggage.

And he explained to his friend so his friend told him he was also going to the village for the holiday, he was asked to join them, which he did. And it shows the manifestation of his long expected desire.

While Adelaku's friend was driving he spoke about his love for his fiancée and how they met. This made Adelaku jealous as he wished he was in his friend’s shoe.

While Adelaku was still pondering in his thought of how and when he too will be in love like his friend, the car stopped by a junction where a specially prepared smoke meat called "Suya meat" was sold; he thought the car had developed a fault.

So he asked his friend "What is wrong?" And he said, I just wanted to ask my fiancée a question.

Adelaku asked with an inquisitive mind “And what will that question be?” the friend turned to the fiancée and said, "What do you want from here?” His fiancée looked around, turned and replied with a smile as she say "A little Suya with much pepper will do".

His friend came down and purchased some Suya for himself, his fiancée and for Adelaku and gave it to them, then entered the car and they continued the journey.

After a while the fiancée requested her man to stop at the next junction so she could get a bottle water which he did. It continued junction after junction to stop for her either to buy something, to urinate or to stretch her legs.

When they got to the village, while others were all exchanging pleasantries, Adelaku called his friend aside and asked him why he allowed the fiancée to order him around by stopping in almost every junction to do one thing or the other. The friend laughed and said “You won't understand.

She is…

The lover of my life

The pride of my Manhood

The crown of my achievement

The stabilizer of my home to be

The reason for my money making

The climax of my presentation to Dad

...I’m taking her to mama.

From the above story,

Adelaku is THE SPECTATOR to a life, the friend is THE LIFE and the fiancée is THE SUCCESS achieved by the life.

Just like the friend had to stop at different junction to get something to satisfy the fiancée so also in life, to achieve a successful life we have to see to it that everywhere we go, stay or passes by, we should try to ask ourselves what is here for me that will bring about my success in this life.

The Question is "WHAT DO YOU WANT?” for your Success, for your Achievement, for your Career, for your Marriage, for your Social life or Spiritual life.

"...FROM HERE?" Your Sponsor (Parent or Guardians), your Environment (Office, School or Home), your Companion (Friend, Classmate, Room-mate, Age-mate or Office Colleague).

As we grow day by day we must learn that life is like a moving public bus that should stop at interval to drop or pick up a new skill or experiences that will eventual bring about that success that we desire in life.

We must learn to master the act of dropping and picking up the right things from this life's journey towards our ultimate joy and fulfillment in life.

So, What do you want from HERE?


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  • abbaelijah profile image

    Abba Elijah aka elijagod 15 months ago from Abuja - Nigeria

    Thanks Always Exploring !

  • abbaelijah profile image

    Abba Elijah aka elijagod 16 months ago from Abuja - Nigeria

    Thanks Always exploring !

  • always exploring profile image

    Ruby Jean Fuller 16 months ago from Southern Illinois

    This is a beautiful rendition of life as we travel on our journey. Many layers to ponder. Well done!