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What Does It Mean To Be A Writer?

Updated on July 13, 2016

Three Key Elements

  • A Creative & Open Mind
  • Intelligence
  • Emotion

As I was sitting in my chair at the computer looking at different posts online, it got me thinking. What exactly does being a writer mean? I know now that being a writer can mean a different thing to each individual. Sometimes, it can mean more than one thing to a person. I also know that I am new to this so pardon me if I am a little off.

A Creative & Open Mind

I feel that one thing that being a writer means is to have a creative and open mind. Without creativity, how could we even try to come up with all these interesting things that we can put out every time that we write? Creativity helps us come up with some great stories and articles. Without having an open mind, we might have some issues trying to reach anyone with our writing. If you ask me, having a creative and an open mind is pretty important when it comes to writing.


The next thing that I think goes into the meaning of being a writer is intelligence. Being intelligent is something that everyone can be, but some choose not to use their intelligence. Everyone has some form of intelligence. Without intelligence, how would people be able to have the creativity and be able to make an open-minded post that they can put out?

You need intelligence to be able to correct the punctuation in your writing. Another way that intelligence comes into play is spelling. Now I’ll be the first to admit that spelling is not my strong point, but I can tell you that you definitely need the right spelling when it comes to being a writer. Without the proper spelling, your writing can be very difficult to read. Trust me, I have made this mistake quite a few times while trying to write. Sometimes, it helps to have someone proofread your work. It never hurts to have an extra pair of eyes to help you out.



It can be a great idea to take a breather. Doing this can help you reenergize your brain and eyes. If emotions are getting to be too much, a breather can really help sometimes. Who knows? Maybe taking a break might even spark up some new ideas for what you are writing about or something entirely new for the next time you write. One thing I did forget to mention is that you may want to take a break at a point in your writing that you can pick right back up.


Another big thing that a writer should and needs to have is emotion. This tends to be something that writers need a lot of to finish what they are writing about. Without emotion, writing a love, horror, comedy, or any kind of emotional work would be quite hard to get through. Another way emotions come into play is when you are writing about or from personal experience. I tend to do this a lot. It can stir up a lot of emotion. I feel this can lead to some great writing.

One thing that is a very good thing to keep in mind is to try not to stir up too much emotions all at once. I say this for a couple of reasons. Emotions tend to flow from what you are writing right straight into your actual real life events. For example, a dinner conversation spiraling into a big blow out, because you were writing about something stressful. As you can see, depending on what you are writing about, this may not be the best idea. Unless it is a really happy or fun story then that might be okay to bring that emotion over. The other reason is if you stir up too many emotions that can’t be handled all at once, this can be bad for you and bad for your health.

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Well, that is a few of the things that I feel goes into what a writer is. I hope I wasn’t too far off and I know that I probably left a lot out. Please feel free to let me know how you feel and if I left out anything. Thanks for reading and remember we all can be a writer in some way, all we need is some inspiration and support. Once you give it a try at writing, the limits are endless.

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    • Joseph OBeirne profile image

      Joseph O'Beirne 3 years ago from Methuen, Massachusetts

      I agree. Reading is a great way to get the creative juices flowing.

    • writinglover profile image

      Jennifer 3 years ago from Lost...In Video Games

      Amen to this. For me, reading helps me get the creativity flowing.