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What Drives A Soul To Success.

Updated on January 20, 2013

What moves a soul

to find success,

when second chances

can't be found

and circumstances

drag you down

and each rejection

slows progress

How does such

stress bring



When hope so

often is erased

by all the apathy

that's faced

an endless backwash

of cold shoulders

as each year fades

and dreams grow older.


What drives a soul

to find success

No limousines will

cart you there

they come much

later..... past despair

you'll scrape your

soul for something rare

and still wind up

without a prayer....

riding your thumb

most everywhere.


We all have danced

with Lady Luck

and felt the grace

of fame awestruck,

then found she's just

a nip and tuck,

a thing of beauty

run amok

a 14 carat

plastic smile,

and skin


w i d e

to hide what's vile

false promises

for just a while

tucked in a

stone heart

filled with bile.


One has to bend

and bear the weight

of being anything

but great

though burdened....

constantly create

until your efforts

set you straight

upon that path

where many wait.


But even then

it's random picks

selecting stars

to fill the flicks,

choosing guitars

to play the licks,

printing the poems

they deem classics,

framing the art

that's pure graphics.


There is no ticket,

no free ride,

only one door

gets you inside,

and many more

wind up curbside

the good ones

take it all in stride.


Just when you think

that you've struck gold

tear it all down

and then remold

your finest works

.....begin again

until they shine

like platinum.


And if you struggle

till you're old

on endless wonders

left untold,

and windup

six feet deep,

ice cold

perhaps they'll find

the works

you've scrolled,

the songs,

your poems,

those films unsold,

and you'll at long last

be bankrolled

with fame

posthumously extolled.




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