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What Happened To Kindness?

Updated on January 19, 2017

Self Centered vs. Other Centered

It is unusual to hear about or to wittness someone behaving in a considerate, caring fashion during the passing of an average day. What one mostly experiences is others behaving in a totally self involved manner. We must ask ourselves, are we also guilty of behaving the same way?

A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way

What does it cost to be kind? Kind acts in no way diminish ones wealth and they add greatly to ones reputation and lend a power of their own to the bestower.

So what's holding us back from being kind? Could it be that we no longer see the humanity in the eyes of those we choose to diminish or take advantage of? If we admit to ourselves that the other person is human and therefore makes mistakes and is sometimes thoughtless we might find it difficult to be unkind to them.

When we committ an act of kindness it is not only for the other but it returns our awareness of ourself as a worthwile being. It is wonderous that such a simple act offers us a redemption from our meaningless existence. Why is it so easily put aside?

Becoming Willing To Be Vulnerable

Being kind to another requires that we open ourselves to the possibility that our efforts may be met with rejection. One must be willing to take a chance and be open to being in a position of vulnerability. Some may find this very difficult. Our fear of being vulnerable usually wins out and we hesitate to reach out to others rather than risk being hurt or embarrassment.

TheTrue Meaning of Life

If one hopes to live a life free of suffering and to achieve some degree of happiness, we must first question, what do we hope to accomplish during our lifetime. Do we wish to be remembered as one who was loving and kind by others or would we rather end our days having gained wealth and fame but being remembered as one who was ruthless and uncaring of the needs of others.

The saying "You Can't Take It With You" must surely have been written in answer to these questions. If all we accomplish is the aquisition of wealth, power and fame life is surely an empty and meaningless adventure.

If in the gaining of these things it becomes necessary to overlook the needs and desires of those less capable or fortunate, it all has a feeling of emptiness and one can never hope to accomplish any degree of happiness.

With Kindness as ones motivation, what we can take with us is the knowledge of having lived life with a sense of purpose and true meaning.


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    • Jonas Rodrigo profile image

      Jonas Rodrigo 23 months ago

      Heads up, slock62. Always check for spelling errors especially in the title. Good hub!