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What I Believe - Scandals of President Clinton's Era! (Poem)

Updated on June 15, 2020

What I Believe – An average American

Today I answered the question ‘What is your favorite quote? By cjarosz’ and the first quote that came to mind was by Gerry Spence “We hate most in others what we see in ourselves,” and brought to mind this poem I wrote in 1998.

Satirizing President Clinton and Monica Lewinski's dirty dress

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New Orleans Mardi Gras season parade

New Orleans Mardi Gras season parade "Saturn", 1999. Float satirizes the scandal with President Clinton and the stain on Monica Lewinski's dress. Date= Carnival 1999

We hate most in others what we see in ourselves"

— Gerry Spence

My Poem

What I Believe

(An average American)

© By Shyron Shenko – November 1998

Whitewater Scandal was a wash

File-gate and Travel-gate both a dud

When you come right down to it

Kenneth Starr was only slinging mud

For years, he’s tried

To bring President Clinton down

But all he could come up with

Is a dirty evening gown

Travel gate and file gate both are now closed

At least that is how the story goes

And the gates of hell have opened wide and,

A smiling, dimpled Starr stepped outside

As hell’s gates opened

They also let the devil’s angels out

And if you don’t believe me,

Just see what the talk shows talk about

A former federal prosecutor named Whitney

Called the President a weasel

Then grinned a lopsided grin

With one eye to her hairline, the other one to her chin

When Gerry Spence, softly Spoke

One of his most famous quotes

“We hate most in others what we see in ourselves”

I really thought that Whitney was going to choke

One airhead on another talk show said:

Kleen-ton ees a liar and he should be m-peeched”

And even though she knew, when she said

What she is saying is not political, Makes her a liar too

Would you just ask the airhead

Next time she is on your show

Is it what the President did? Or did not do

That makes her hate him so?

This conspiracy has got to stop

It’s really getting old

Kenneth Starr is much worse by far

Than any lie that President Clinton ever told

Republicans all screaming “IMPEACH”

But they haven't got a clue

What Starr is doing to President Clinton

He could be doing to me or you

Starr will besmirch our names

And drag them in the dirt

Cause he does not care who he brings down

As long as Clinton hurts

All Starr’s advocates,

Who want to bring the President to ground?

Were, hanging all their hopes and dreams

On Monica’s dirty evening gown

Monica Lewinski saved the evidence for profit or for fun

Then went to see a publisher on the run

The publisher said “I am so sorry!”

“You already fired your smoking gun

Monica gave her dirty dress to Kenneth Starr

While he was digging up more dirt

Then said with his dimpled grin

“Not between his eyes, but, between his thighs,”

“I’ll hit Mr. Clinton where it will hurt

Does devil walks among us in the form of Kenneth Starr?

And is he here to bring about our end

By taking away our jobs, our homes, our cars

So be very careful what you say or do

The mud that Starr is slinging

Will get all over you.

Kenneth Starr’s crime is treason

And to discredit you or a President he will hunt you down

Even if he has to fabricate a dirty evening gown

He does not need a reason

Except that he will be paid

By anyone who hates our President

Or by Richard Mellon-Scaife

Up-date: What became of Kenneth Starr?

What became of Kenneth Starr?

Let me give you a subtle hint and bring you up to date

What Kenneth Starr was blaming on our President

For the good-ol' boys of Baylor, he now advocates

Monica's dirty evening gown

Does anyone believe that a woman would save a soiled gown, and give that information out as proof of a dalliance with the President?

See results

Now you know the quote that made me think of this Poem.

And this poem also reminds me of The Whitewater Scandal. The Whitewater Scandal - remindes me of Benghazi.

© 2013 Shyron E Shenko


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