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What Is A Blog - Do You Know?

Updated on February 10, 2010

Do You Know What Is A Blog?

A blog is the shortened form of web log – the term used to denote a journal or record that is maintained in cyber space, or to be more prosaic, online.  It is, in other words, a kind of website that is regularly updated with new posts and information provided by the author of the blog and authoring a blog is called blogging.  Part of understanding what is a blog is knowing that bloggers are not only the authors of the blogs and even those who maintain the blogs or respond to the posts in them are also known by this term.

 People trying to understand what is a blog are often stumped when it comes to the nature of the blog itself – there is no set form of the blog and it can be written in any style, use any language and contain text, graphics, and audio and video.  There is also no boundary as to what can be blogged about and on the internet you will find blogs about subjects that are making headlines today and well as those which no one knows about, blogs about things in the distant past or thing expected to happen in the future – anything can be written about.  One generality, although it is not always the case, is that the style that blogs are written is tends to be very open and in the form of a conversation.

 The views of the author will reflect whether the blog is conventional and sedate in nature or if the blog is sensational and attention grabbing in a more obvious way with controversial issues and comments being posted.

 Other blogs may be very sensational in nature and present opinions and use language that may shock many readers – while these views and ways of expression are often genuine, they are also sometimes done just to create controversy and thus generate interest in the blog.

 Anyone who has something to say and wants to say it to as many people as he can need look no further than blogging to find the solution he has been searching for.  Blogging does not involve any expense and there are numerous websites that will help a newbie to not only have a place to post his thoughts but also help him to design the blog and provide help in various forms.  The question that usually comes after “what is a blog” is “who blogs?” and the answer to that is everyone blogs and you will find people from all walks of life, from every part of the world, with every shade of opinion and from the ages of 7 to 99 blogging.  Popular bogs, which have regular readers are great advertising sites and well known bloggers are able to earn substantial amounts by selling advertising space on their blogs.


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