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What Is A Sensitive?

Updated on January 31, 2012

by Christine B.

When someone says they are a “Sensitive” what do they mean? A Sensitive is someone who is basically, “aware.” They are in tune and acknowledge everything that occurs around them. Because of this, they are not only open to the normal, but also the paranormal events that transpire around them.

We all have been trained from a young age to ignore events and sounds that are irrelevant for our present task at hand. If we felt or saw something out of the ordinary when we were children we were told that it was our imagination. We learned to concentrate on only the things that are necessary to get a job done. A sensitive never blocks anything out. They are constantly aware of every sound, atmospheric changes, and things they see within their peripheral vision at all times. Contrary to public opinion, there is really nothing paranormal about being a sensitive… indeed, one could say that sensitives are more NORMAL than the rest of humanity.

I believe that it is essential that any paranormal investigation team have sensitives as members. We have several members on my El Dorado Paranormal Investigation (EDPI) team who are sensitive, (including myself). That might not sound scientific to some, but in reality, sensitives are extremely scientific. They are like human radar that can pick up irregularities in the atmosphere even before our equipment can. Not only can they pick up changes, but they can also determine in many cases what is making those changes.

A good example of how helpful sensitives are on an investigation team is on the video I recently posted of EDPI’s mini-investigation at the River Styx Cemetery. ( While Darlene S. and I were at the cemetery, Darlene heard a clicking sound long before I or my video camera picked it up. Later in the video we both felt paranormal activity near the Farnsworth monument. This is eventful because it was an outdoor environment with a slight wind. We were both able to pick up on the spirit energy although we were not within a closed space.

So, how does one become a sensitive? It’s really not that difficult. Begin by tuning in on everything that is happening around you. Be aware of every sound you hear. Close your eyes and feel how the atmosphere feels against your body. When you open your eyes see everything your eyes are capable of viewing, not merely the things in front of you. The more often you do this, the more you will train your brain to be sensitive to your surroundings.

Another necessary ability a sensitive has is trust. They trust what they are feeling and are picking up and they don’t blow their instincts off as their imagination. This is probably the most difficult lesson to learn when training to become sensitive. In most cases, the thought that what we perceive is NOT our imagination is a hard habit to break. Unless one is a schizophrenic, nothing we perceive is our imagination! (And I’m not so sure about the schizophrenic, either. It’s possible that schizophrenics can hear voices from negative spirits, and they are NOT imagining it.) A sensitive doesn’t disregard anything they perceive.

If keeping a log of things you previously blew off helps you, do it. You will be amazed by what you become aware of that you previously ignored. And you will find that being a sensitive is a wonderful thing.


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    • Christine B. profile image

      Christine B. 5 years ago from Medina, Ohio

      Thank you, Fennelseed. I'm happy to hear that I have helped you. That's my goal. Illumination is everything! The more we learn, the less we fear. I hope you have time to read more.

    • Fennelseed profile image

      Annie Fenn 5 years ago from Australia

      Christine, this information blows me away. Of course so much is laughed off or poo-hooed when we are children and even as adults. I have had and felt encounters from time to time and I haven't even dared to trust myself. I am very, very interested in what you are saying here and I will definitely keep a log of these occurrences.

      Thank you Christine B, please tell us more about this subject. My votes to you.