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"What I've Done" by Melinda Leigh - A Personal Review

Updated on January 3, 2019
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When books are the only means to escape, what else is there to do, but read? Reading is a passion and will forever be a means to escape.

333 pages of pure suspense and mystery, as Morgan Dane and her associates try to figure out what really happened to Haley Powell and who killed Noah Carter.
333 pages of pure suspense and mystery, as Morgan Dane and her associates try to figure out what really happened to Haley Powell and who killed Noah Carter. | Source

A Quick Summary

Title : What I've Done

Author : Melinda Leigh

Publisher : Montlake Romance

Publication Date : September 18, 2018

Page Length : 333 pages

Book in Series : Morgan Dane book 4 of 6

When Sharp's dead best friend's wife shows up asking for help, how can he say no. Especially after making a promise 25 years ago. Haley Powell, daughter to Eliza Powell had been charged for murdering a guy she likes. The problem is she doesn't remember doing so. With her own health issues, she wonders if lack of medication could cause this. Her mother Eliza, then contacts Sharp to have Morgan represent her daughter. Morgan and Lance begin to look into the case and with not being able to find anything to help clear Haley's name, doubt rises that she is innocent. That is until someone starts causing trouble for them. With new allies to assist in their investigation and some pretty sketchy people in their line of sight, the only questions that these three have are, what happened that night and what is it going to take to make sure the right person is put behind bars?

Review Time (May contain Spoilers)

As with the previous books in the Morgan Dane series, we are able to see the romance grow between Lance and Morgan, have the suspense of the case and the ever lying danger that awaits our characters as they investigate for the truth. I found that it was enjoyable to see some more of Sharp's past as well. After all, he is the one character you don't see a whole lot about and to have a case that gives you some insight to the man behind a lot of support to Morgan and Lance is always a bonus. I enjoyed how characters in the book, though creepy, gave off how some people think and act in times of chaos. To see how everything plays out when you have psychopaths and innocents involved is always interesting.

In this particular book, I enjoyed how technology, though doesn't always help, was used to manipulate people's images and how some people react. Though, Haley, the woman being convicted for murder, was ill and traumatized, I enjoyed the strength she was given to protect herself and those who are close to her. To watch her struggle through discovering the guy she liked to be dead, while she slept and have no recollection how it happened, was truly heart wrenching. Then to watch her have nightmares about it because she couldn't remember what happened was able to show how post-traumatic stress disorder can affect after a traumatic event, made it harder but kept you wondering if her nightmares were memories resurfacing in an unpleasant way. With so many potential suspects coming and going in the book, you can't help but to continuously wonder what is causing the nightmares and if they are memories or not. It definitely kept you question until the very end.

It was also made clear how easy it is to cause people to doubt someone's skill or distort their image through social media. I thoroughly enjoyed, seeing this aspect. After all, though it isn't nice or even ethical, it happens all the time to people who do what they are good, and sometimes bad, at for a living. Though meme's and gifs are made to amuse and create laughter and joy, too often is it used to hurt someone without a whole lot of people truly understanding the whole meaning behind it. To have something aimed at Morgan, to make a threat and humiliate her, caused me to get angry. I enjoyed it in the aspect it raises the issue of gifs and memes being used to hurt and humiliate other, rather than spread joy. This particular piece, though not extremely important, had indeed stuck with me through out the whole book, I couldn't shake the feeling that it happens to us all at some point, even if we never see it. It had also brought up how hard it was to contain something once it goes viral. To track down the source can be impossible when everyone is sharing it on their social medias.

To get away with a crime doesn't mean to repeat it, but it you are never caught, wouldn't you be tempted to do it again? That was a question raised about some characters in this book. The crime doesn't have to illegal to be a crime. Disrespecting people's privacy, trust, and tampering with drinks are just a few crimes that aren't always caught, or even punishable. However, What I've Done, highlighted how people who may have gotten away with a crime once (whether punishable or not), they often feel they can repeat it and never get caught. Even though we all know eventually you will get caught, it was quite nice to see it highlighted in the fictional world as well. It was just a nice surprise that some of the characters thought and felt that way.

However, my absolute favorite thing was the ending. This I will not even attempt to spoil, but I will say that this ending left me wanting so much more. I expect the next book to give us some juicy information about our favorite characters, Lance, Sharp, and Morgan. I do look forward to it. I would definitely rate this book 5 stars out of 5 stars. It was entertaining, highlighted things that not everyone pay attention to, and kept me turning the pages.

5 stars for "What I've Done" by Melinda Leigh

Enjoying the series?

As I am sure you are aware, this series is a six book series. However book 5 and 6 have yet to be released. Book 5, Secrets Never Die, Is to be released on March 19, 2019. You can already preorder in Amazon for $6.99 for a kindle copy or $9.99 for a paperback copy. Be sure to preorder it if you can't wait for the next installment in the Morgan Dane Series.

The Morgan Dane series is also on the Kindle Unlimited program. You can get a one month free trial at the following link.

Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans

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