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What Love Is And What It Is Not

Updated on July 27, 2017

You Only Know By Experiencing The Good And The Blue

We have many notions and ideas what love is all about

You may have read numerous books on any hundreds of categories and subjects

Everything from what a girl really wants in the bedroom

To a man's world and his desires

Thinking that love and sex go hand and hand

To my surprise there could be nothing farther from the truth

Growing up women and men feel so many emotions

You notice how I put the man last

I will get to that at a later date

Lets say I am happy and proud to put the woman first for starters

There was no formal sex education when I was growing up

So it was a combination of what we didn't learn from our parents

We learned from our friends and coworkers

Then we kind of winged it for many years

Going solo or trying to find our way

Learning from different relationships

That taught us mucho lessons

Some were a day late and a dollar short

Others just didn't apply

Then there were other topics you never talked about

They were suppose to be understood

Even if you didn't know

There was no one you could trust enough to ask

Without being humiliated for the rest of your life

Until the famous Internet

Then the world would be changed forever

You tube lighted up the world of the unknown

Then you would think how we have advanced and now we finally could learn anything and everything

Without picking up a book at the bookstore or local library

On Love And Passion

Sex And Marriage

To find the information we wanted

But were too embarrassed to ask or be seen holding

I found out Love is....

All that we ever wanted and with the right someone

We can truly have

Love starts with ourselves and how we feel about the things we feel passionate about

In and out of the bedroom

Then there is a whole different matter

Don't forget the things we won't tolerate

We mix the both together and there you have it

Stand your ground and if the person your with doesn't respect you or what you believe in

It's o.k. to say

Hit the road Jack or Jill

I am sure there is someone out there

Just for you

That loves you just the way you are

I don't think a person should be changed

So this isn't going to work

So if I didn't tell you at this very moment

It would be no surprise when

It would just pop up years from now

With more problems and complications

This is the simple way of putting it

Have a nice day

I will see you around maybe ?

The bottom line there are no hard fast rules

It depends on each individual

For some people it may be having a man with a job

So he can support his family

To another person it may be

Political views or believing in a certain faith or religion

For me I wanted a family oriented person

That loves showing affection often

That has a brain and is not afraid to use it

Cares for the unfortunate and the sick

Doesn't mind putting other people first

A person who knows what they want and will take a stand to get it

One who treats themselves and their body with kindness and affection

I know also what I don't want

People who have big egos

That are careless and obnoxious

Rude and tasteless

Smokers or drinkers

Lazy and are not willing to share everything that they have worked so hard for

Because at the end of the day

We are not you and me against the world

We are together that help shape the world


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 3 months ago

      Gypsy Rose Lee Unconditional love makes everything alright. A little at a time and your husband will be feeling fine. Keep up the good work. Thank you so much for reading and sharing. Make the most of every day. What would happen if it was the other way and you were sick ?He would be by your side with love and pride. Nursing you back to good health.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 3 months ago from Riga, Latvia

      I like your thoughts that together we shape the world. Yes, love takes many forms. I have learned now that hubby is ill and it's taking him a bit to stand up on this feet and shake the fever that I am in a another stage of love and that stage is love with an extremely heavy dose of understanding and patience. By the time nightfall comes and I have dragged dishes and drinks up and down two flights of stairs about a hundred times I can still smile a tired smile and say I love you now go to sleep I'm sure you'll feel better in the morning and then by 8 Am the latest it all begins again. I get a little chance to escape this afternoon. I have to go to the store. You can bet I will be taking my time getting back but I am sorry he is sick, a bit worried and still in love with the old geezer (saying that very fondly) Hope you have a wonderful weekend.