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What Murphy Didn't Know:A Second Look

Updated on February 25, 2018

From the Writer

First, i want to thank you for allowing me the honor to speak to you. Unlike having some one discuss my work, I wanted to give you the information about my latest book.

I know everyone has different ticks, opinion, and thoughts bringing a variety of conscience to each generation. Each generation has delivered different ideas and questions for future to stare in the face. In today's pace we do not slow down to see. Now there is a book at every pages shows you are alone. Be a super star, work on a crane, or just stay home to do your dailies. You never are alone. Written in my voice; you can feel someone with you. For a laugh or to grieve, you have someone on the other side of the book has created a thought to ease the pain. The genuine and fair voice brings a friend.


Please feel free to leave opinions or questions. Thank you!


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