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What Time Did You Go To Bed ?

Updated on August 16, 2017

My Creative juices Were Flowing

I got up to go to the bathroom

You said you were going to go to bed soon

That was at five thirty

You promised me you would be up early to get a few things done around the house

I know what I said and I meant it

That gives you only less than three hours sleep

It is not quanity but quality

When my head hits the pillow

I am in la la land in know time

I sleep very well

If that's what you call it

I call it a long nap

As the conversation goes back and forth

I recall it clearly

So fresh and powerful

Any florist will tell you

The smells of flowers heighten all our senses

I am up like I said I would

My eyes a little blurry

My thoughts never clearer

I look across the yard

What I see

Is a field of light green

Natures biggest green blanket ever made

How can I not love something so simple

Yet filled with so many interesting tidbits of gooodness

The birds walk free

Pecking deep into the hardened soil

Not only to find what they are looking for

But enough for them and a dozen of their friends

A mini paradise

I like to walk out and feel the soft cushion under my feet

Tiny, little wavy strands of padding just for my toes

All my life

My feet have never been treated so well

My feet lead me all through life

Forgotten about on a regular basis

What makes this grass so special

It hasn't been watered or pampered like the worlds finest golf courses

Even though in does my body wonders

When I walk

I feel connected to way under

Far into the earth

As if there is so much more than what meets the eye

As I try to explain it

My wife less and less pleased

She said I am going now

What are your plans now ?

I will see

It is early yet

I don't dare to tell her

My head is one cloud of the greatest of all thoughts

You want to water the garden before the sun comes up

That's the plan

As I scratch my hair and push the next army of personal pleasantries gently aside

I have to stop dreaming or I will get nothing done

What a shame

To put an abrupt end to such an unforgettable chain

These words describe all my impeccable thoughts

Where do they fit in the scale of things

They are lighter than feathers and tilt the world ever so slightly

So whatever direction we pick

Nature is soothing us from the outside and later from deep down in


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 7 months ago

      Gypsy Rose Lee The mysteries of life never stop. That is a good thing. We would easily get bored if every day was the same old routine. Even though at times it is too much and definitely not wanted it happens anyway. No matter if we like it or not. I am glad you were finally able to get some sleep. To rest and calm you down. Changes our for the best. We have to find and keep searching for what we want and find ways to make it happen. Thank you so much for being my friend. Ann Carr With all the technology everywhere we look I still love nature in it's many forms. Keeping my thoughts on what makes me feel wonderful inside and then learning how fast paced we can go in so many directions. Appreciating both is tricky. I can't avoid technology and fast paced advances in all fields. At the same time the beauty of an old tree that has been around hundreds of years before I was born is something so special it should never be taken for granted. Shannon It is so easy to want to spend our time dreaming or being somewhere. Then we realize we have to go and be somewhere else. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and desires as well. You make me feel better when I am struggling. What a lovely thing it is to share. Thank you so much and maybe together we can find a happy medium.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 7 months ago from Riga, Latvia

      Yesterday after my taut nerves let me I went to bed early. Of course going to bed early you hope to sleep through most of the night. Unfortunately being on my own I left the light on. Wouldn't you know it that it was just the night that something happened with the electricity on our street. Being logical I took my flashlight and checked that downstairs the lights were also off. Then went up and called my neighbor and inquired if he knew what was happening. He told me that they informed him on his mobile that there was going to be a pause in electricity. Got back into bed and before I could calm down again the lights came back on. It was some night and I was hoping to sleep through and forget my troubles. It is often that way when you want one thing what goes wrong goes wrong but anyway it was alright after all.

    • annart profile image

      Ann Carr 7 months ago from SW England

      I love your descriptions in this, about the effect on the toes and these lines: 'a field of light green, Natures biggest green blanket ever made, How can I not love something so simple'

      Nature gives us the most amazing things and being able to see them as such is a gift in itself. Love this!


    • shanmarie profile image

      shanmarie 7 months ago

      Sometimes I get like lost in thought that I don't get started on things I know I need to do sooner rather than later. Don't feel alone. LOL.