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What To Do When You Have Writers Block

Updated on June 11, 2013

When it's time to write something whether it is an essay, a song or an album, words can either flow through you or seem to run far away. There are a number of reasons for this but the problem most people are easily frustrated of and try to fix immediately is when they have writers block. In case this is you right now or you're looking for something to do the next time it creeps up on you try to...

1. Take A Break

Sometimes you allow yourself to engulf so deeply in your work that you can't escape it. Your head has been buried deep into your writing and you haven't taken a second to come up for air. If this is the case take your head out of the dirt for a little while. Stand up from where you are, do a few quick jogging laps around your room, stand outside for a second, take a few deep breaths, readjust your eyes then try getting back to your work. It's like taking a step back from a painting to get the full affect. Take second to step away from your work and when you look at it again you'll be able to appreciate what you've already done and see the full picture.

2. Listen To Some New Music

Music has the incredible ability to make people change their mood and state of mind. Writing can take a lot out of you and sometimes taking a break is not enough, especially if it is taking a break from writing a song. Turn on some new music. Go to youtube or pandora, or turn on your radio and listen to something that is featured or on a station different than the ones you regular.

Often times when I am writing a new song and my head starts to get foggy with my own words or the instruments I am writing to, I will listen to a completely different genre. Most of the time I will put on some classical music or listen to an act from an opera. You don't have to go this extreme but try something new still. If you normally listen to rock, try listening to a little r&b/soul music, if you like metal try listening to some country. This sort of exercise will free you mind up.

3. Watch Your Favorite Movie

Music may not be enough and you just may need to get more of your senses into a different activity for a while. Escapism can be extremely good for writing. Pop in one of your favorite movies. One that gets you excited and pumped. Let yourself get loose and fully invest in the movie while you're watching it.

4. Research

You could be hitting a block in your writing simply because you don't have anywhere to go. Go find out some more facts regarding what you are writing. The more information you have, the better you will be able to elaborate on the subject at hand and the easier it will be for you to finish your writing.

5. Relax With Friends

Everything can seem to pass by when you are with your friends. They can help you relax and take stressful or frustrating things off the forefront of your mind. Take some time to connect with them and laugh a little. You may still have your work in the back of your mind while you're with them some go ahead and ask them their ideas on what you've got. It does not have to be an interview, just take a second to vent your frustration if needed and the next few sentences out of their mouth could trigger enough in you to finish what you were doing when you get in.

6. Go Over What You've Already Done

Sometimes you just need to remind yourself of where you've been in your writing journey. Go over that last thing you wrote. Ask yourself questions like is there another direction you can take. Go over the basic questions of who, what, when, where, why and how. If there is a part of that that was not answered then you just may be onto the next part of your writings.

Happy Writing!


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