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What To Write About When I Talk About Writing

Updated on April 2, 2014
A sketch of me loosing my hair while writing
A sketch of me loosing my hair while writing | Source

Why am I Even Writing This?

There comes a point in the life of many fledgling bestseller writers such as many people who are not me, to not be able to write anything. This is the situation I am in. Fortunately, I am willing to take the low and undignified road and write just about this darn itch and see just where it leads to? (perhaps a million views and a book contract?)

Why does it come? One reason why I think it comes is almost because of desperation. A writer would love nothing but to prove himself more than anyone else that he/she can write and do a good job of it at a whim. Unfortunately, this would often lead to a show of desperation that is, more often than not, beneath the artist's dignity, and ending up making subpar articles. Quantity over quality. What many people don't understand is that writers are human beings. and no matter how dignified they may seem, once in a while they have an itch in their backs which they have to reach and scratch. To get a good picture of what I am talking about, picture His Royal Highness scratching his buttocks in public.

What I am trying to say is that I am, in a literary way, going to be scratching my back in front of everyone and not give a care because I cannot stand it.

my current voice's soulmate
my current voice's soulmate | Source

If You Love Scratching Your Back then Scratch Away, Sister!

I Do What I Like Because I Like What I Do.

They say to be a good writer you have to find a voice, it is very true. You have to have a sense of what your writing sounds like. From time to time I find my voice changing and is never consistent. I don't have the same voice every time I write. Sometimes my voice sounds like a wise man who is talking about how to improve our lives in an audio tape. Today my voice sounds like an Englishman who is having the time of his life scratching his back in public because he does not care and is on the verge of giving up whatever dignity the victorian era has bred into him.

What about you, dear readers who are also writers but really don't write all that much? Do you find yourself doing this as well? I guess this is what these "writing experts" mean when they talk about finding a niche? I don't want to find a niche. why? because to find a niche and sticking to it is like finding a quiche and eating it everyday! I don't want to eat quiche everyday. And yes, I used quiche because quiche rhymes with niche. so for today my niche will be rhyming quiche with niche! As of now, I am pretty sure I have no competition in this particular niche which is great. I will be able to make big bucks no matter what Google's pet Panda or pet penguin tries to do to me! Take that SEO!

What To Do With That Penny You Have Earned

Many people I know are writing on one or a few niches. That is fine, to each his own. I don't expect people to come here and lecture me about the importance of having a niche when writing a hub and preach it, just the same way you wont expect me to come running to your doorstep with a firehose ready to baptize you into christianity all of a sudden. If you want to have a niche go ahead, good for you, I guess some places will never stop itching, and in your case you just have to scratch that same spot for the rest of your life.

In my case, I don't like scratching one part of my body all the time. I like to move around. If there is a part I haven't touched for a long time I like to explore that part and see what I can do or get out of scratching it. Yes we are still talking about writing by the way.

So with no niche or expertise, I have earned maybe a few penny in this beautiful place called Hubpages. No, I am not being sarcastic, I really do love Hubpages and the great community that comes with it.

and how they tactfully give me a slight shock (and then realization and motivation afterwards) in the beginning of every month by writing this down
and how they tactfully give me a slight shock (and then realization and motivation afterwards) in the beginning of every month by writing this down | Source

So I guess you can say that I have earned a penny which I can then use for scratching. I refuse to follow the current and I want to do something different. I believe people change with time and they should not be judged for something they have done or written in the past. It is very limiting, not for the people you judge, but for you.

Trust me, this is coming from a person who writes about things that can improve your life even a little, and is now talking about scratching his back incessantly. Will you judge me? Will you say "what is he doing? He used to be one of the good ones, a gentleman of the highest order!!" If you do, I wont judge you, because I know that you too scratch yourself from time to time, difference is you are afraid of being judged and I am not.

"When an Honest man is mistaken,

He will either cease being mistaken,

or cease being honest"


Seeing The World Around

An honest man's journey is long and arduous, but as long as he keeps to himself and his principles no matter what, he will succeed in the end. What is an honest man?

He is a man with no itches. If he itches he tells and he scratch. He is totally being true to himself and to whoever is around him. An honest man's first priority is his peace of mind. If he has an itch disturbing it, he will do something about it and not deny it.

Tell me, my itch-free friends, what is more hard? to be honest with oneself or to be honest with people around you? Confronting people and hitting them in the face not by showing your strength but showing your weaknesses too. Courageous is the person who can bare it all and show people for what he/she is.

I have a deep profound respect for the people who can be true to themselves and other people. I have ever read a passage in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged that goes something along the lines of "If you lie to people you are destroying your own truth."

The people who are honest with themselves and with other people will always have people who they are comfortable with around them. They will be surrounded with comfort and love. Where as people who uses a mask will always have masked people around him. Mask yourself and the world will mask themselves for you.

An honest man will open his mask and show his true face to the world and will declare to the world "this is me!" and those that appreciate him will open their black hideous masks and show their fair faces to him. Those that don't will keep donning their black hideous masks.

Only when you be honest with yourself will the world be clear to you, and you will gradually be able to see things in black and white and for what it is. Not the confusing array of colors that a whole world of masks will bring.

Are You Honest Enough?

How Honest Are You?

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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

      Great message on being true to yourself and presenting your self to others through writing.

    • suraj punjabi profile image

      suraj punjabi 3 years ago from jakarta

      Hey Suzanne. Thanx for voting it awesome. Yes indeed, burning desire ahh what a word. All I could think of was "itch" silly me! will use burning desire next time! :) God Bless! :)

    • Suzanne Day profile image

      Suzanne Day 3 years ago from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

      Writers often feel a burning desire to tell their story or a story they have created. They are brave people because telling the truth sometimes is a lot harder than telling lies. Voted awesome!