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Hubpages. What are some tips to start off your first hub?

Updated on September 16, 2013

Writing your first Hub just like driving your first car, It is a new and exciting experience. It is also a bit like talking on a microphone for the first time. Usually just like a microphone you do not get much feedback from the reader. If your issue & article is more controversial then it is more likely to..

First you need to decide what you want to write about. What is your target audience. What do I hope to achieve by writing the article? Do I want to persuade sell or merely exercise the passion for the art of writing? It is obviously better to write about topics that you are both familiar have some knowledge of and are keen to put passion into. Following you have established an idea so you can generate traffic or readers to your audience you should look up at Google AdWords to determine the competition you have writing in this niche.

I recommend starting your first hub with just a mini or short, very short in fact biography of your life so far. For instance I was born in a small fishing village in Yorkshire near the town of Bridlington on the East Coast of England. I went to School there & eventually worked in a variety of jobs before migrating to Australia in 1975. I did some research on the town that I did not know then eventually posted a hub piece on it. Then I have done other hubs on my later life on the towns & cities I have lived in . First I went to Melbourne then Sydney & Canberra & so on now you get the drift. For each of these there is a number or articles you could generate around the Masthead hub. For instance geography town industries and services. Restaurants and cafes. Art Galleries and other places of interest for the traveller or visitor.

It does not need to be too accurate in fact it could be all subjective about you or your brother or sister or another member of your family. Most people even ordinary people have led interesting lives and as such it is worthwhile sharing some of the anecdotal experiences faced by you or your family. For instance the first day at your first job. You could include things like the reactions you had with fellow workers how you performed and so on and include your feeling too. People are interested about feelings. They are human right? Well most are anyway! It is quite easy to go off tack and that is good being creative about a particular topic is what writing is all about. At least the type that you are using to entertain rather than inform. I suggest you do both and put a moral in the story. That way it serves two purposes and is likely to draw attention to passers by looking for something to read at least briefly.

One of the beauties of the Internet is that most people can write and by picking up clues as you go along as to what makes an article interesting say to you then you can adopt that style of writing because if it interest you then it is highly likely to interest other to varying degrees.


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