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What are the pros and cons of starting your own freelance writing business?

Updated on June 23, 2011
Pros and Cons of freelance writing
Pros and Cons of freelance writing

People always ask about the pros and cons of becoming a freelance writer or even going at it and becoming a full time freelancer. Well, let's see some points that are for or against becoming a freelancer:


- No bosses breathing down your neck. (Unless you're an ostrich, and then you will be breathing down your own neck).

- Work at something you enjoy until you actually feel you go out everyday - just to play. (That's how workaholics are created).

- You get to work at home, at whatever time you think you are at your most productive. (Remember to put clothes on when answering the door!)


-Loneliness. (You can't gossip about his golf handicap at the coffee machine).

- No regular work, unless you've planned well ahead. (You could spend half the year like a king, and the other half working at a Burger King).

- Even if you do get regular work, people don't take you too seriously. (Expect people, other than you, to walk right into your Skype conference...with no clothes on).

But, if you personally ask me...that's the life for me...Ho, ho, ho...*oops, wrong profession*...


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