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The Kingkiller Chronicles Day 3 Predictions

Updated on May 24, 2014

About the Article

So when reading the Kingkiller Chronicle I almost instantly decided that I love it. The plot is good and very different than anything else I've read, the characters are interesting and enjoyable and Patrick Rothfuss is just an all around good author and writes enticing books. His style of writing can almost be described as poetic. But while reading through his books I spend a lot of time putting things together and it just made the experience far more enjoyable and I would like to share what I've discovered and in turn you can give feedback bouncing your own ideas off me.

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Predictions bases on Previous Books

-I believe Lady Lackless in "The Wise Man's Fear" is the sister of Kvothe's Mother. There are some very fine details that point to this fact. For example when Kvothe is singing a song about Lady Lackless and his Mother says that there is a difference between making up a song on someone who doesn't exist and gossiping. How did his Mother know she wasn't a fictional character? Another clue is that Lady Lackless was vaguely familiar to Kvothe when he first met her. His mother was also who taught him all about the rules of the court and it is mentioned that she was in a rich family before she ELOPED which leads me to my final point. The Lackless family holds contempt for the Ruh because Lady Lackless's sister eloped with one.

- My second prediction is that the lord who was so kindly to Kvothe, Bredon is actually a quite unpleasant man and is Denna's patron. I believe this simply because Denna's patron is an unknown man of the court and authors like to make your most loved characters or most innocent into villains or vice versa. He spoke of playing a beautiful game and the fact he liked to play with his adversity when he knew he could win quickly kind of disturbed me. I believe that he is a master manipulator and knew of Kvothe before he was involved with the Maer.

-Third prediction is that Auri is a very important puzzle piece to this story. We know absolutely NOTHING about her background. We don't even know if she went to the university. That struck me as pretty odd and the fact that Auri stated that Kvothe looked like one of the Admre was in my opinion an illusion to her past with them.

- I also think that the King of Vintas is going to be killed some way and the Maer is going to end up ruling. Why would Rothfuss spend so much time on the Maer's personality and Kvothe has no present vendettas against the king (for now.) It would be difficult for Rothfus too come up with an entirely new character for Kvothe to kill, so it would make sense for it to be one he had already spent time on.

- I have a theory that Kvothe knows many names is his sleeping mind. My thinking for this is actually quite a long shot but could definitely make sense. Do you know how when Kvothe's parents died he played his lute for several days? He said he played until he got the exact impression of many different things in the music and in order to do that wouldn't he have to know their true name?

-This prediction I'm fairly sure is correct. I believe that Lady Lackless's box is made out of a tree from the Fae because both the Maer and Lady Lackless, as well as Kvothe and previous generations of Lackless all couldn't identify the wood used. It would only make sense for the Fae to involved some other way seeing as we know they get involved from Bast's presence.

-My final prediction is that Denna knows of the Admre side of the story since Kvothe knows of the Chanderin. Kvothe said she played an enormous role and she obviously didn't know anything about the Chanderin.


Predictions Based on Title of New Book

The title of the upcoming book is "The Doors of Stone" based on this title I can make a couple of predictions.

-The first and foremost is: if you remember there is a huge STONE door in the archives that no one is alowed into. These doors could answer a whole range of different questions but which questions I can't be sure.

-My second prediction is that Fela who has mastered the name of stone might help open them. But then again Elodin also knows the name of stone so it might be through him that they get in.

-The third prediction I have is that Kvothe learns the name of stone. Since stone is in the title and he has practically almost mastered the name of the wind. Also in one of the rhymes mentioned about Kvothe he was meant to have a ring of stone.

-Also Master Lorren must play a big part in this book as he knows of what is behind the door. He also thought Kvothe had no business there so it is obviously secret.

This is going to be the third and final book of the trilogy, stuff is going to go down. P.S. I believe there might be another series that will be what happens when Kote is done telling his story.

“I decided that he was not an altogether bad fellow. I smiled back at him and for a second I almost felt guilty about how I’d written the receipt.
I also felt guilty about the three pens I’d stolen, but only for a second. And since there was no convenient way to give them back, I stole a bottle of ink before I left.”—Kvothe (The Name of the Wind - Patrick Rothfuss)

3 out of 5 stars from 11 ratings of my predictions worth


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    • profile image

      Mike 2 years ago

      It seems possible to me that Kvothe could kill Alveron which results in Ambrose becoming king, hence the reason, or one of the reasons, why he considers himself "responsible" for current conditions.

      Obviously this assumes the current king dies and Alveron becomes king.

    • profile image

      blah 3 years ago

      Ok, in an interview that Patrick Rothfuss gave (in chicago I think), he said that Ambrose wasn't originally in the books. He created him because he was useful as an antagonist at the school. I don't think a space filler character like this would need to be created if he were the king that Kvothe was supposed to kill. If he was the killed king, then Rothfuss would not have said this about Ambrose during the interview.

    • profile image

      Paul 3 years ago

      You make good points but I don't think the current king is maer Alveron , I would have to go with Ambrose. Shortly after we learn from Wil and Sim how close Ambrose's father is as heir to the throne it mentions Ambrose bragging about his father jumping two steps closer because of certain deaths, then in the 2nd book it happens only mentioning it briefly. Not the same deaths but further deaths of heirs so it's obvious the Ambrose's father is an even closer heir to the throne. Plus apart from 'Cinder' and the rest of the Chandrian, Ambrose is probably the main antagonist in the story, kvothe's more natural arch nemesis.

      I've also read a few comments on readers believing that when Kvothe was expelled from the university then had that sentence rebuked that that is indeed the expulsion he speaks of at the beginning. I'm not convinced of this. There are many arguments that suggest these comments are right and in a way I hope they are, but I just don't think this is the case. Kvothe says that Ambrose gets him expelled from the university at a time when was unsuspecting, and not ready for such a move. Kvothe was expelled earlier because he broke Ambrose's arm by calling the wind and although Ambrose was playing on it, it was still Kvothe's doing.

    • profile image

      Arliden 4 years ago

      Had to point out an extreme error that makes me wonder how well you understood the books. You made a prediction that Kvothe would be expelled in the 3rd book, as it was mentioned in the first book. You do realize, that in the first book, he was expelled. He was expelled for malfeasance against Ambrose, and immediately reinstated into the University and promoted to the rank of Re'lar. This, of course, falls in line with what he had said, being expelled from the University at an age younger than most are allowed in, as he was roughly 16 years old at that point.

    • profile image

      Jay 4 years ago

      Also it should be noted that Auri calls Kvothe her Ciridae (a highly appointed Amyr) and therefor above reproach. He asks her how she knows of the Ciridae and she freaks out mentioning the above comment after she states that she didn't run so far. It's my belief she somehow met the Amyr or possibly the Chandrian that leads her to her mental crack or break to how she is. Also being very skiddish of meeting people and being 'on the top of things'