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What if Vampires really exist?

Updated on December 23, 2014
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Craig is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter, author and project manager. He enjoys alternative universes and what if? scenarios.

Vampire Bite, Sexy or Scary?

There are love bites and then there are LOVE bites that draw blood, lots of blood and you wake up undead.
There are love bites and then there are LOVE bites that draw blood, lots of blood and you wake up undead. | Source

Living with the Undead

Why do we enjoy tales of the undead?  Why are vampires so romantic?  Is there some deep resonating metaphor about blood and love that we thirst for?  

The popularity of vampires reflects something missing in ourselves.  Why is love defined as an eternal force, a bond that will last forever?  Is this why the vampire myth has resonated throughout the centuries?  This lust for undying love?  After all, the true attraction of a vampire is the fact that they live forever, like to stay out late and do whatever they want.  They are the perfect mate for every lost soul pining for a relationship.  

The recent popularity of the Twilight books and movies is just the latest re-telling of the vampire lore.  The chaste lovers who cannot deny their love but are doomed never to consummate their relationship unless Bella joins the undead is the "hook" for millions of teen girls.  They identify with the good girl chasing the bad boy, uncertain about the odds but fearless in the pursuit.  

It is just plain crazy.  But then love is a crazy thing.

What if Vampires Exist?

The Twilight Saga, loving the undead

One of the more attractive biters (assuming they do exist)

But Vampires are not real, right?

Yes, of course the vampire stories are just that, fictional tales to scare and warn and amuse us. The very idea that the exchange of blood somehow grants life to the dead and all the rest of the lore and mythology is absurd. Yet it fills a need within us, we want to believe. So, what if these creatures do exist? Would we know? Could it be possible?

Like any good mystery, the very question of their existence is part of the argument. The stories must have come from somewhere, right? Maybe someone, sometime in the distant past suffered a bite from a bat and died (given the lack of medical expertise, the examination of the body may not have been exhaustive). Once pronounced dead, the person could have revived and thus the legend was born. It wouldn't be the first tale of a person coming back from the grave.

However, one must assume that proof of evidence is required. As vampires don't readily announce themselves to the general public, one must look for other sources for proof besides a direct confession.

What are we looking for? Simple, really. Here are the five proofs needed to confirm the existence of vampires:

1. Caskets with bodies inside them, asleep in the day time hours and empty at night.

2. A pattern of teeth bites on the necks of people all over the world.

3. Legions of young girls who only date at night.

4. People who look the same as they did a hundred years ago.

5. A pattern of break-ins to blood banks around the world.

So far, no proof.  But can we dismiss the existence of the undead just because we haven't see the five proofs?  Shouldn't we play it safe rather than be sorry later?

Here is a top ten list of things you should do and a quick quiz to test for vampires.  One more thing, keep going to the movies.  They seem to be the best source of reliable information.

Are You in love with a Vampire?

Does your significant other do any of the following things?

See results

Top Ten Things We'd Do Differently if Vampires Existed

1. Never stay out late at night alone

2. Never date someone in a cape

3. Wear garlic, eat garlic, grow garlic, shower with garlic

4. Install full-spectrum lighting in your house

5. Insist the first date be somewhere in bright sunlight

6. Stay at home on Halloween

7. Wear more turtleneck sweaters

8. Check for a reflection when you pass by a mirror

9. Sleep with a wooden stake under your pillow

10. Keep a jug of holy water in the fridge


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    • profile image

      Matt 4 years ago

      People love vampires because they stay out late. Your an idiot. If they existed that is, they wake up at sunset, so its not a matter of staying out late. That is their daytime. Maybe in another lifetime after we die would vampires possibly exist. Other than that, Vampires are about as real as Global warming.

    • MarketBOB profile image

      Craig Forgrave 6 years ago from Canada

      Are you over 200 years old? If so, that would be the clincher for your question...

    • profile image

      marisa 6 years ago

      i am eating fresh blood and i hate the garlic very much and in the end i have very big teeth!!!am i a vampire???

    • profile image

      maria 6 years ago

      am i a vampire? i don't really know .

    • profile image

      tattoo 8 years ago

      great, writing about vampire..

      It seem any vampire at night around us.

    • MarketBOB profile image

      Craig Forgrave 8 years ago from Canada

      Yes, glad you enjoyed it. Is anybody really safe, regardless of what we sleep with? Say, maybe I'll do a hub on staying safe while asleep. Thanks and pass the holy water!

    • one2recognize2 profile image

      one2recognize2 8 years ago from New York

      This is def one to bookmark. Absolutely loved it, but why keep the holy water in the fridge. That jug will be right alongside the bed in close proximity to the stake under the pillow. Better safe than sorry right. =) Glad to be a follower.

    • MarketBOB profile image

      Craig Forgrave 8 years ago from Canada

      good idea! It's like vampires have allergies to food containing garlic so they have to be real careful, and really trusting of home cooking. Thanks for the comment.

    • Silver Poet profile image

      Silver Poet 8 years ago from the computer of a midwestern American writer

      Very humorous hub. I actually wrote a short story about a friendly woman who accidentally beats up a vampire she met in the park. (She accidentally spills soup containing garlic on him, too.)

      Thumbs up!