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What if Words speak louder than Action?

Updated on September 11, 2011

I think words have gotten a bad rap. Of course, being a writer it would serve to follow that I would be partial to words. I also have to be cognizant of the fact that not everyone is comfortable with writing or communications in general.

I suspect that it was someone just like that who once concocted the notion that "talk is cheap." In my experience, talk is absolutely necessary in a free society. The founding fathers thought highly enough of talk that they guaranteed it as an inalienable right. When you have warring factions that are killing people, how do they come to an agreement to stop the killing? They enter into talks! So in that regard, you could say that talking is more powerful than action, because only once people can agree to disagree and find a happy medium (through talks) can the hostilities end.

I tend to live with the notion that the pen is mightier than the sword. Why else would military dictatorships control speech? They know that ideas can be infectious and lead people to take action.

In that regard, you could say that talk and actions are actually partners - two sides of the same coin. First people arrive at a consensus and then they take action based upon their communicated objectives.

So perhaps the question ought not to be whether words are more powerful than actions, or vice versa. Perhaps the question should be asked what happens with either talk or actions take the upper hand?

Here's another thought on this question. People hate politicians because they make promises (talk) but fail to follow through on those promises (take action). In that regard, the issue isn't that talk is cheap. The issue is that they failed to follow through. Did they ever have an intention to follow through? Only the speaker (politician) knows for sure.

To be certain, talk is not enough. At some point, the people who do the talking need to take action (or find someone who is able to pick up their idea and run with it.) Here's an example. I love books, and I have a lot of them, some that I have read several times. I have been talking for sometime about opening an online book store to sell some of these written treasures. To date, I have not taken the action necessary to bring that idea to fruition, and until I do this idea of mine has no inherent value. Only through the action of actually setting my plans in motion will this idea have value.

So those are my words. If you agree with me, that's great! We've created consensus, you and I. If not, and you would like to take exception to something I've written, the action you can take is to write a comment below!



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    • profile image

      Honesty 5 years ago

      If talk is cheap why are your words pricy? You know what an oath is? The Truth we seek, tell, and admit. A denial is worse than a hypocrite, counterfeit. What if actions agree with vain words? Isn't that a man of false words? Speak clearer. Actors speak loud for vain words. Modest words speak better than jerks. Not in my opinion. In the Truth!!!!!!...You heard? The best health fact is repentance. Hypocrisy is approved by conspiracy. Harmony is the BS policy. RepentPeace.

    • crashcromwell profile image

      crashcromwell 5 years ago from Florida

      I am very sorry to hear of your illness. I, too, have someone close to me who has struggled with an eating disorder most of her life. But that is the topic of another hub. Thanks for your comment, and good luck!

      Jim, aka Crash Cromwell

    • profile image 5 years ago

      some people get hurt from words (i know from experiens) think about it what if someone calld you fat would you think your fat,i have a friend that developed baleemia (an eating disorder)and got varry sick and had to take pills to help her get back on track i had the same problem a year ago.

    • crashcromwell profile image

      crashcromwell 5 years ago from Florida

      Thanks again Valerio!

    • profile image

      Ebphip5xValerio 5 years ago

      Thank You. I appreciate it. Your point on this topic interested me because most people would argue otherwise. And I enjoy your writing style, this is why I wanted to see some of the literature you wrote. Thanks again.


    • crashcromwell profile image

      crashcromwell 5 years ago from Florida

      Do you see the pictures at the top? The one with the wave is the title of my first book (that was the cover I designed myself, but never actually made it into print. Here are links to the books' Amazon pages. The first is Antiquity Calais Standing at Armageddon, and the second is Antiquity Calais Ascending Olympus:

      Thanks for your interest!

      Jim Henry, aka Crash Cromwell

    • profile image

      Ebphip5xValerio 5 years ago

      Could you tell your real name so I could look up the books you write?

    • crashcromwell profile image

      crashcromwell 6 years ago from Florida

      What if what?

    • Storytellersrus profile image

      Barbara 6 years ago from Stepping past clutter

      haha, what if??? Hey, I've missed you.

    • crashcromwell profile image

      crashcromwell 7 years ago from Florida

      Rory - Thanks for your comment.


    • profile image

      Rory 7 years ago

      Thanks, very interesting.

    • profile image

      belfast maine 9 years ago

      Great Hub you have here :) Please check out my Belfast Maine website would love to network!

    • crashcromwell profile image

      crashcromwell 9 years ago from Florida

      You're right on that front grandfather was a man of very few words, but we knew he loved us all and we loved him back.

      Ironically, when I recall him now, my lasting memories were times when we actually did have conversations, because they were few and far between.

    • ripplemaker profile image

      Michelle Simtoco 9 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Well, I believe auditory people need to hear words, read words because they love and need to hear or read it. Other people though are more moved by actions. I remember my friend telling me that her dad, who is a quiet man, would be seen doing his tasks without much complaint, was not very expressive in showing his love in terms of words. But she said she sees it in the way he does things for them. I guess in the end, whether it is said or done, what matters most is if you are able to portray your message across effectively. :)

      Great hub!

    • Cailin Gallagher profile image

      Cailin Gallagher 9 years ago from New England

      Although talk is cheap, I'd have to say that talk sometimes may spur others into action. Some may have both the ability to talk the talk and walk the walk, while others may excel in one sphere or the other. Perhaps talking without action is pointless. But, maybe the talk of great leaders can others to great action. Or, sometimes, negative action. Anyway, sorry for sure got me thinking :) therefore=great hub!

    • crashcromwell profile image

      crashcromwell 9 years ago from Florida

      Well Lisa G., I have good news! After writing this hub, I started going through my garage and found a couple of boxes of books that I have posted on the Maine Craigslist. Here's a link. You can be the first!

    • LisaG profile image

      Lisakg 9 years ago from Caribbean

      I agree with you where talk needs to be followed up with action. I personally have made comments on hubs where I said (not promised though) I would publish a hub on a particular topic, and have not done so yet. Not because I do not intend to, but time and research has delayed me somewhat.

      Sometimes people, like politicians, make promises before being elected but when they get into power, find that some of the things they have promised might be difficult to achieve, though not impossible.

      I do hope though that you take action on setting up your online bookstore, I would be one of the first to buy from you ( and that's not just talk).

    • crashcromwell profile image

      crashcromwell 9 years ago from Florida

      You bring up some really great points there. This is what freedom of speech is all about - the freedom to exchange thoughts and ideas without fear of the government stepping in and squashing the interchange. Anyone else have anything to add here?

    • LdsNana-AskMormon profile image

      Kathryn Skaggs 9 years ago from Southern California

      I really enjoyed your ability to create such a great dialogue with yourself, on the importance of the words we speak, and the actions that follow those words...

      Therein lies the power of words! Words or ideas which create change and motivate people to action. Therefore there are good words to be spoken in this world and negative words.

      Which words an individual speaks - tells much about them. A kind of personal revelation you might say.

      But, talk is cheap - if it is not followed by what has been spoken.

      This is the definition of a hypocrite, right?

      Speaking or writing words is like the blueprint of our minds... until we build our thoughts into actions - there really is no structure or proof that we are what and who we say.

      Is there?

      Words, once spoken or written are powerful. An individual cannot control those words of which they initially spoke, etc... IF there is no personal action behind them.

      Be careful what you speak or write - it is a record that can potentially have energy of which you cannot control and maybe did not even intend.

      I love the power of communication. It is a wonderful right that we have in this country to put forth our individual beliefs, passions and understandings.

      This makes each person a potential teacher to others. Watch what you say... I think is very very good advice.

      To speak, is to become accountable....

      Good Job here:-)