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What if the Earth was really flat?

Updated on July 1, 2018
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Craig is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter, author and project manager. He enjoys alternative universes and what if? scenarios.

Columbus and the Discovery of America

If the world was flat, would Columbus still have discovered America or would he have sailed off the edge of the world and fallen to his doom? It was the belief of the ordinary guy back in the 1400's that the world was flat. It must have been based on something. People don't just make up things like that. Now, of course, it seems a bit silly to wonder if the world is really flat. Best-selling books like "The World Is Flat" by Thomas Friedman use the concept of a flat earth to pontificate how communication networks level the playing fields into one flat surface for anyone in the world to navigate. (see video below)

Information considers the world to be flat. A minority of people still cling to the belief that the world is flat and all these round earth claims are based on mere tricks with mirrors. The credible and wise Flat Earth Society makes some pretty persuasive points in debunking the concept of a round earth including:

  • What about the ether? Yes, what about that ether? Can ether of us deny the fact that ether exists and thus, the earth does not move through a curved vacuum of space? Why it's absurd!
  • And if it was curved, why don't we all fall off? Have you tried standing on a beach ball? Any kind of ball? It's darned difficult.
  • And what about the oceans, where this whole debate started in the first place. With a flat earth, the oceans are contained and prevented from draining off by the "edge" of the world. Sure a bit of water may dribble over, but for the most part, it stays in place. How can water stay in place if the earth is round? Wouldn't it all fall to the bottom of the world?

Of course it would. And we haven't mentioned all the other things that have to be "true" in order for a round world to really work. It would have to be a huge scientific conspiracy against the flat world of reality. Could that be the more probable scenario here? Is the question not whether the earth is flat but why do we all believe the earth is round?

The World is hot, flat and crowded...

The Earth as seen from the ether of space

This is the only true picture ever taken of the earth from above.  You can see why the shape of our world has been such a puzzling topic for so many centuries...
This is the only true picture ever taken of the earth from above. You can see why the shape of our world has been such a puzzling topic for so many centuries...

The Giant Scientific Conspiracy to convince us the world is round!

Yes, it is a giant and very persuasive conspiracy!  That is why so many people believe it.  It is, perhaps the most convincing lie ever told in the history of the world.

First, scientists dreamt up the trick of "gravity" pulling everything towards the core of the world. Gravity explains why someone on the North Pole and another guy on the South Pole can both stand without one of them falling off. Of course, no one can see "gravity" so it's just a lot of words. They call it the "law of gravity" but that was because it was based on an apple falling from a tree so that somehow made it legal. Yeah, right!

People also bring up the pictures from space taken by NASA showing a round blue earth, instead of a flat rectangle block of dirt and water. First of all, we have no real evidence that anyone has really been in space, let alone walked on the moon. Just like Columbus, these events can be faked SO EASY! Is it any wonder the space program just "happened" when technology advanced to the point of sophistication which enabled really good fakes to be created? Isn't this the more likely truth, that the government faked the space program and pocketed the extra cash for themselves and their beach houses and fancy cars they needed to drive on those flat highways across the flat world? Of course that's what really happened. But they can't admit it. Not now, after all these years.

It is well known that once one lie is told, many more are needed to support the first one. So, the Law of Gravity meant someone had to dream up the idea that the earth isn't the center of the universe. That somehow it moves through the "vacuum" of space around the sun. Yeah, pull the other one, Einstein!

Then there is the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which could only lean if the earth was round! A flat earth would keep every building level, right? On and on the lies go, propping up a flimsy house of scientific cards which must collapse eventually under its own weight of falsehoods.

So, where does that leave those of us who dare to ask the "what if" question, what if the world is flat? How would our lives be different? Are we victims of a scientific card game, deceived by those we trust the most? What if the smartest people on the planet purposely want to keep us in the dark about the shape of our own planet? What if there is a giant conspiracy? What if...oh my, so many questions need to be answered.

It is much better to use your own keen eye to observe the world around you and make up your own mind. Look around you. Does the world look flat to you? Is there an edge somewhere where you will fall over and drift into the dreaded ether of outer space? I am sure you have heard of people wanting to have an edge, maintaining that edge, perform right to this mysterious edge. The edge is real, my friends. It is what separates the successful people from the people who believe in a round earth. The edge is knowing the world is flat.

There is no "what if" about it. The world is flat. If not, prove it without using science! You can't, can you?

I didn't think so.

What is the shape of the earth?

What shape do you believe the earth is?

See results

Are you Bent out of Shape over the vast round earth conspiracy?


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