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What if there was no Moon Landing by Apollo 11?

Updated on August 6, 2012

The moon, or is it?

The "moon" in the night sky, appearing to be a real object like a big round planet circling our Earth.  But could it be a big fake? Some illusion or reflection to fool us into complacency as we face certain doom?
The "moon" in the night sky, appearing to be a real object like a big round planet circling our Earth. But could it be a big fake? Some illusion or reflection to fool us into complacency as we face certain doom? | Source

Look, Apollo 11 was way back in 1969!

The moon landing, when Neil Armstrong took one step for man and one giant leap for mankind was way back in history, way way back. Who remembers the sixties clearly anyway? All we really have as proof are some fuzzy TV footage, interviews with the men who made the trip (biased, hello) and the cold war battle between the US and USSR for nuclear deterrence. Could there be huge motivations to get there first, at any cost, including the truth? Million of lives were at stake, remember. But you don't.

The disinformation campaign is relentless. Just when you think you've heard the last, they release more "enhanced video" of the landing:

Restored Apollo 11 film footage

or another Hollywood movie (Yes, Hollywood is in on this national conspiracy, like so many others). Who do you think benefits from all these conspiracies, anyway? Corporations and executives, Hello! So, until the Net allowed others to provide evidence contrary to the media smokescreen, we all believe what we are fed.

The Moon landing hoax

Astronauts Gone Wild Movie

But let is move back to first principles. What if the moon landing was an elaborate hoax to hide something even more startling: that there is no moon!

TV footage of the first moon landing in 1969

Nasa Rendering of their "Moon Landing"

The Official NASA rendering of the moon landing.  Doesn't look quite like you remember, does it? Could it all have been drawn and animated by Hollywood?
The Official NASA rendering of the moon landing. Doesn't look quite like you remember, does it? Could it all have been drawn and animated by Hollywood? | Source

Evidence seems overwhelming but what if there is no moon?

Looking up into the night sky, most nights you will see a round or crescent-shaped object, the brightest light in the sky and commonly refered to as "the Moon". We see it and have been told since birth that it is the planet closes to Earth, orbiting daily and reflecting the sun's light back towards us. But what if this is a hoax, a big lie passed down for centuries to hide a greater truth. Why would this bright night object be something else? More on this later, but first consider how much we rely on the moon's existence for our lives?

  • Tides depend on the moon's gravitational pull to rise and fall daily.
  • Wolves remain eerily silent when the moon does not shine
  • The space program wouldn't get funding without the nearest planet as a target
  • Night would be much darker without the moon's light

And, well, that's about it. If the moon is so real, you'd think it would add a lot to our lives. Obviously not. We really don't need the damn thing.

Do you believe in the Moon?

Is there really a moon in the night sky?

See results

Do we really need the moon?

So, if it really plays such a small role in our lives, why does it loom so large in our culture and mythology? It is because of the belief that the moon was once part of Earth and torn from our planet by some collision with another body? Was there a rogue planet Nibiru that is on a 3,600-year orbit with the Earth. The ancient Mesopotamians thought so, as did the Mayans and both considered this a doomsday event. Wouldn't a shining moon be a dreaded reminder of our bleak future? Another date with annihilation and thus, something to be feared?

Mesopotamian Nibiru Connection

The stark reality is that this rogue Nibiru is coming soon, and the moon's existence is proof of our celestial destiny to destruction. Or maybe not. However, the concept of a "friendly" moon circling our planet is infinitely more comforting than an ominous warning of our impending doom. Is the moon really Nibiru, closing in for our final doom?

There is plenty of research on this very mysterious planet on the Net, so you know it is possible.

This last link refers to an astronomer from Brazil, so we know for sure we cannot check him out because he's so far away and doesn't speak English (probably has a telescope in the rain forest and has no phone...)

Video "proving" it was all a big hoax!

What about the Moon Landing by Apollo 11?

There is no need to regurgitate the volumes of data about the first landing on the moon. Yes, to millions of people around the world watching on "TV", the event was real. However, another quick search of the net provides volumes of opinion, both for and against the facts surrounding Apollo 11.

The reality is that the military race between the USSR and the US drove the space exploration of the "moon", another part of the nuclear cold war played between these two superpowers at the highest level. Could it be that both nations were drawn into spending billions to reach a planet that doesn't exist? Imagine their embarrassment to find their calculations were so wrong and that any space ship sent to land on this orbiting moon would be doomed to failure because it simply wasn't there! Of course, they would have to invent a moon or look too damn silly. If they admitted their collossal dumbness, how effective would be their nuclear deterrent. Thus, the moon landing hoax, now moving into its sixth decade of falsehood.

Obviously, if there is no moon, there was no real moon landing. Hello!

So, what is that shiny bright object in the night sky, anyway?

It should be obvious to you by now that the moon landing was an elaborate hoax to perpetuate the myth of the existence of the moon. Reality is starkly different, a fake illusion to provide comfort to the masses as the deadly Nibiru returns from its 3600-year orbit and crashes into our world. Apollo 11 was a masterful attempt to distract us, like the giant reflection of a planet we see in the night sky and call "the Moon". How this "object" seems so real is simply the fact of the sun's reflection off our oceans into a belt of space dust left over from the last near-collision - do not speak about this to anyone or you will be ridiculed and/or locked away...

The Mesopotamians and the Mayans tracked these reflections, having experienced the passage of Nibiru first-hand. It scared the hell out of them and spawned the doomsday predictions we live with. Instead, we should all take comfort in the warm light of the moon, and not worry. That is the true role of the moon myth, to help us sleep at night.


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