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What impossibilities cannot do, possibilities can?

Updated on October 13, 2012

The theme 'What impossibilities cannot do, possibilities can' has been taken from the last hub. I was discussing it with a friend when the thought occurred. I decided of writing a complete hub dedicated to it.

"A situation takes place at some place in the universe. An incident which we are not entirely sure if there is anything common to be found between. It soon starts shaping the destiny of our present lives and future journeys".

Where are we moving in? I think we have started great but shifted our focus to less important things later.

(a). An incident, i do not want to hear about.

(b). A situation, i'm just concerned about myself.

I am here to know about how impossibilities can be turned into possibilities.

Not a penny saved more not a penny spent extra!

I do not know that if you have got the right type of skills to make me understand but all i know is that i am going to take back home something tonight

1. The darkening clouds and rain bringing down something to learn from: I am a shy soul. I always think that rain is an indication of clouds about to appear in the sky and clouds about to go to the farthest corner soon.

I see rain and rain and nothing else. I do not remember clouds following me anytime. I find rain to be a sign of sky getting clearer and clouds making the happiest part of the journey.

In the same manner, we under-achieve possibilities by thinking of clouds or impossibilities, as a threat to our peaceful and pleasant experience. You need to broaden the horizon or else risk losing the pleasure to be taken, both from the rain and clouds.

It is about what you see first.

I repeat- I do not remember clouds following me anytime.

2. Possibilities exist: Possibilities exist for all of us. We have the same potential to be the champions we love, the heroes we admire and characters we worship. Possibilities exist for all of us but only to be reminded later on.

Possibilities exist in the form of denied opportunities.

I have never been more motivated than today. I have never been better prepared than today. I start feeling it right after the moment is gone, right after the chance is lost. I re-assure myself that there is more to come yet. It was just a learning lesson and nothing more than that.

We know that some things are possible. We think of possibilities as definite moments to conquer the fear and live the ultimate dream.

You should learn that it is not about fighting against the fear. You should not treat it as a war. The fear resides within you. You cannot go and fight against yourself. Fear is not a bad thing at all. It is the same element which has made you aware of your power in the first place. The balance starts shifting or tilting in the wrong direction the moment you start defining yourself from the viewpoint of circumstances or situations. We are humans not situations. Never let the moments in pieces run the destiny of your life! You can do one thing here- Turn Moments into Monuments.

3. The 'unsung' hero in you: It has been our undoing since beginning. There are hundreds and thousands of unsung heroes who together could have been a potent force to live in the hearts forever.

They choose to play as individual characters. They traded bravery for other questions in life. Their bodies got broke into two- fragility and suspicious nature. They challenged the supremacy of their own thoughts.

An unsung hero like you and an unsung hero like me. We love to play 'heroes by chance'. Ain't we? We make a big round circle of ourselves by taking possibilities as easy options provided to us. There is nothing wrong in not doing things that we can. There is nothing wrong in not trying for things we cannot do.

This is the sum of our lives

The whole concept of finding motivation and inspiration to do things is little too old for me. I cannot do it, if i was not feeling for it right from the beginning.

The hero is an impossibility.

The unsung hero is a possibility.

Both the terms have 'hero' part in it.

"A situation takes place at some place in the universe. An incident which we are not entirely sure if there is anything common to be found between. It soon starts shaping the destiny of our present lives and future journeys".



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