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What is Love Baby?

Updated on April 5, 2019
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Alex has taught at seven public schools, been accepted into three honorary societies, and traveled the Americas and Europe. He has his BS.


What Is Love Baby?

Love is a question to many people. At the very least, the subject of love is often a source for many of people’s most intimate questions. For example; Can love be forced from one person to another? How does one define love. And, even; How does love feel?

Many of the world’s denizens regularly question if it is possible to make one person possess love for another. One Khalil Gibran would appear to feel that love is beyond human control, calling love that one who “threshes you to make you naked” and “kneads you until you are pliant” (Gibran 102). According to Gibran’s artistic view, love cannot be conquered so that it may be a means to restrain someone’s free agency. Gibran believes that love is more than just a tool or an it. To Gibran, love is something living. This mentioned poet states that love “crowns you” and that love “shall… crucify you” (Gibran 102). Love is a free spirit and thus cannot be pressed onto any other without love’s willing of it.

'What Is Love' by Haddaway

Additionally, perhaps the entire population of Earth has asked internally (or otherwise) what it is that is love. The famous patriarch Samael Aun Weor defines love as “infinite tenderness” and “the life that beats in every atom as it beats in every sun” (Weor 220). Interestingly, almost immediately after giving some definitions of love, Weor states that “[l]ove cannot be defined because it is the Divine Mother of the world” (Weor 220). Some poets frequently include such contradictions as to both note the differences of a thing within contrasting contexts, as well as the limitations of the human species to effectively communicate incredibly complex understandings. Weor shows his audiences that love can be defined at times in its smaller pieces, but love as a whole can only be experienced. This prior statement is evidenced when Weor claims that “[l]ove is felt within the depths of the heart” (Weor 220). Love is felt but it is not something to be defined by those simple sounds nor scribbles of land-walking short-tailed primates.

If “[l]ove is” indeed “felt within the depths of the heart” (Weor 220), then what is that feeling exactly? How is the experience of love?

To understand what love feels like, one must first determine what love is. And, if love in its wholeness can only be experienced, then communicating such an experience would be impossible for the slaves of literal meanings. Such people as the aforementioned slaves become imprisoned by words. Words need to be a vehicle to truth and not prison cells for the self-righteous. However, what one can elucidate from the provided evidence is that love can feel horribly painful and that it can feel wonderfully liberating (Gibran 102). Regardless, love is too complicated to maintain a singular expression of itself. Just as one person cannot be defined as only mad or as only happy, so love cannot be defined as only good or as only bad.

Love brings questions of itself out from people regularly. Some individuals question if it can be an item of force, some ask what it is, and yet others question how it feels. All questions relating to love are rarely handled by the poets, painters, and other lovers of the world in a simple two-dimensional format. Love is complicated and that is why it is so beautiful.

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