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What is Love? (Love Poem)

Updated on May 13, 2017

Love is a force with too many definitions

Love that is true will never make any hesitations

Love is generous and will give everything

Love that is not afraid of sacrificing

Love doesn’t require a lot of knowledge

Love is a magic that is not wielded by a mage

Love throws away hatred in anybody’s heart

Love is not something that you can get in any mart

Love is something that comes from deep within

Love never looks at who lose or who win

Love accepts anything about you

Love will judge you if it is true

Love does not demand

Love does not make any command

Love will do what it can do

Love doesn’t have any doubts about you

Love can make the greatest sacrifice

Love will make it for the other half no matter how many tries

Love will always give more than what you need

If love accompany you, you’ll surely succeed

Love is caring for one another

Love will never bring down one another

Love does not decrease with distance

Love will make a way to fulfill its plans

Love will never fail if it is true

How love works, nobody has a clue

Love is something made by our almighty God

Love is something that will protect us from the bad

Love is something to fight for

Love should be felt down to the very core

Love should not be afraid to fight to keep the light burning

Love should not stop and they should continue falling

Love has many definitions

People experiences different sensations

Love is one of God’s most amazing creations

Love should be spread across every nations


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