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What is 'Tellwut' and How To Make Money There

Updated on June 11, 2015

What is 'Tellwut' and how does it work?

Ironically, I first learned about 'Tellwut' when I was writing for Bubblews. Someone from India wrote a little article about Tellwut and although it was short and sweet, it got my attention. I decided that I would check it out, and I've been a very active member ever since.

I remember the short article that this 'Bubbler' wrote stating that Tellwut (found at was a site that you could do surveys on, and you got points for every survey. I was immediately skeptical. I am not a huge fan of survey sites. I find them repetitive, and boring, and nothing to me is more frustrating when you do a survey and after you're halfway through it, it tells you that in fact, you are not qualified. It's a big waste of time. However, this writer said that no one is denied for any survey. So, I checked it out- and he was right. Sort of.. but I will explain later.

Since I've been a part of of the Tellwut community I've cashed out points for over $400 worth of Amazon gift cards by spending about 5-10 minutes every other night there. You don't have to get Amazon cards, you can take the points you make and then 'shop' for various gift cards, including but not limited to Visa gift cards, Home Depot, Applebees, Best Buy, Amazon, iTunes and many, many more. They have American gift cards and Canadian gift cards, which is very appealing to me because my entire family lives in Canada and gift cards of course, make great gifts.

What Is The Point of Tellwut?

Tellwut was originally designed for companies to use to gain insight from potential clients through surveys. It is still used that way. If you have a business and you are looking for non biased input, you can use Tellwut to get feedback. For example, the free trial touts the following:

  • Gain valuable ideas and insights
  • Gather research for products and services
  • Measure customer and competitive landscapes
  • Host/embed surveys on your website or landing pages
  • Leverage multimedia options such as video and images to promote your brand and engage your audience
  • Conduct mobile optimized surveys
  • Include exit links to amplify your brand

If you find success with your free trial, you can pay for a subscription which gives you more valuable insight. This is the Tellwut website's 'bread and butter' so to speak.

The Tellwut non-business community, or the social community, is much like a social networking site but there is no emphasis on friends or rating circles. You simply answer surveys for points, and you may create surveys as well. The more you create, the more the community thrives because it counts on your surveys and the surveys of its members to be successful.

You can simply click through the newest surveys and answer them to accumulate points, or you can be a more valuable member of the community and create some intriguing surveys.

Surveys that have 3 or more questions (multi question surveys) are worth 10 points. Surveys with a single question (or two questions) are worth 5 points. Creating your own survey gives you 10 points- and it also might give you valuable information.

For example, I was in an argument with a friend, and he told me that he thought that most men did not help with housework. So, I made a survey that got about 2200 responses and I won a bet because when it was over, the survey showed that 2200 random people responded that they were men or they were in a relationship with a man who did over 50% of the housework.

Some people get valuable information as well that's more serious. Some people want some fairly sensitive opinions from the public- like if they should leave their spouse, or lots of 'What would you do in this scenario' surveys.

Or- some people ask what your favourite kind of chocolate is- or like the image above, do you prefer cake or pie?

After you're finished the survey, you may comment. Some of the comment threads get very involved. Personally I refrain from commenting. I check the site every other night and do the new surveys to collect my points. You are allowed to do two surveys of your own per week. They are submitted and then approved (or not) by the Tellwut Team. You are notified via email if your survey is approved (or not) and then it usually takes a few days for it to go live. The average survey remains posted for about two to three days, and most of my surveys have between 1800-2200 responses.

Typical Survey

This is a survey that I did a while ago- it shows the questions I asked and then the results. This is a typical survey you might see on Tellwut.

Results for - Ancient Foods That We Still Eat

2,036 voters participated in this survey

  • 1. Do you eat hummus? Yes | 42.53% | 866 votesNo | 57.47% | 1,170 votes
  • 2. Hummus is considered an 'ancient food' which is made from mashed chickpeas and oils. The oldest known recipe is from Cairo from the 1200s, but it's thought to be much older than that. Did you know that hummus was such a traditional appetizer? Yes | 35.36% | 720 votes No | 64.64% | 1,316 votes
  • 3. Do you eat gnocchi? Yes | 29.13% | 593 votesNo | 70.87% | 1,443 votes
  • 4. Some say gnocchi is one of the oldest dishes in the world. It was introduced by the Roman legions during the expansion of the empire into the countries of the European continent. In the past 2,000 years, each country developed its own specific type of small dumpling, with the ancient gnocchi as their common ancestor. Today it is commonly served with a cheesy potato in a homemade pasta shell. In Italy it's considered 'peasant food' but it's absolutely delicious. Did you know gnocchi went back to Roman times? Yes | 13.80% | 281 votesNo | 86.20% | 1,755 votes
  • 5. How many of these 'ancient' foods do you eat today? bacon | 73.72% | 1,501 votesfarro wheat/wheat | 18.12% | 369 votesbread | 82.51% | 1,680 votessalami | 51.47% | 1,048 votesleeks | 24.12% | 491 votesolives | 56.78% | 1,156 votesfigs | 31.93% | 650 votesvenison | 19.16% | 390 votesgrapes | 78.05% | 1,589 votescheese | 81.73% | 1,664 votescabbage | 61.89% | 1,260 votesNA | 7.47% | 152 votesOther (please specify) | 0.74% | 15 votes

Other Ways To Earn Points On Tellwut

When you are part of the Tellwut community, you will get several emails per day asking you to participate in surveys that are worth a lot more points than your typical 'member made' survey. The points on these surveys vary from 50 points to 2000 points. These are the surveys that can be a bit irritating because unlike all of the member surveys, you don't necessarily qualify for the email or 'big point' surveys.

I normally try the first few questions because when I do qualify, they pay big. The points are either automatically updated to your account, or they are updated in a few days. I've had several where I've qualified and received up to 4000 points. Considering you can get a $25 gift card for 10,000 points, they are worth the try if you have the time.

The trick to qualifying for these 'big point' surveys is to do them as soon as possible. So, when an offer for one of these surveys reaches your inbox, if you have time, try to do it. A lot of times the surveys will reach their quotas. It's hit or miss, but when you do 'hit' it's worth the time and effort.

Tracking Your Points and Surveys

Tellwut has a very user friendly dashboard. It allows you to track every point you earn. You can see your surveys, the status of your surveys, and the amount of participants that took your survey. Sometimes it's sort of fun to read the comments too, but I don't really socialize much on the sight. Some people do, and you can 'friend request' others if you want.

Tellwut keeps a running track of all your points and it shows where you received your points. So, if you received 500 points for an email survey, it will list the name and the amount of points. If you receive 10 points for a member survey, it will do the same. It's very easy to keep track of what you've done and the points you've earned. It also shows your spending history and what type of gift cards you've purchased.

Each user has a profile on Tellwut and it includes a picture and a bio if you want, just like Hubpages.

When your surveys are published, Tellwut gives you credit and also tells people how many surveys you've published. I use a screen name, but some people use their real names.

The 'Tellwut Store' is simple and easy to use as well. Once you have enough points you simply go to the store and order whichever gift card you want. I've only ever ordered the Amazon gift cards and when I do order them, they come via USPS. Normally, I wait about three days and they are in my mailbox.

I personally like to accumulate as many points as I can. You can cash your points out for as little as $10.00, but I like to keep mine growing and my minimum is $100 for a gift card. There are so many different types of gift cards, I can't list them all- but there are plenty to choose from! Each gift card requires different amounts of points, which are all listed in the store.

Time Commitment

As I mentioned before, it only takes about 5-10 minutes every other night to keep up with recent surveys. You just click 'newest surveys' and go through them.

I actually learn a lot from Tellwut as some of the surveys are very interesting and educational. I find it very enjoyable and the gift cards bought almost all of my Mother's Day, Father's Day and Christmas presents last year. I think it's worth it for 5-10 minutes every other night- and I really enjoy creating the surveys as well.

If you want to make some easy money via gift cards, Tellwut may be what you're looking for.

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Great Instructional Video On How To Earn Fast East Money With Tellwut


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    • lyoness913 profile imageAUTHOR

      Summer LeBlanc 

      3 years ago from H-Town

      I am sorry you had to go through that :( They've been really good to me. They are by far the most pleasant and quick customer service people, them and Quick Rewards. I feel bad that you couldn't get your cards :(


    • Lovely  C profile image


      3 years ago from Philippines

      actually non-US member need to accumulate 10000 points to request for pay out of 10$..the worst thing happens because then they will tell you that since you aren't from US they cannot process your transaction..

      so what's the point of accepting members from asia or outside US?..they shouldve blocked my IP address in the first place just like lots of websites do,they have early warning to non -US IP address

    • lyoness913 profile imageAUTHOR

      Summer LeBlanc 

      3 years ago from H-Town

      Thanks Pearl, I hope you try it out- I really enjoy it and the people who run it are fantastic!


    • Pearldiver profile image

      Rob Welsh 

      3 years ago from Tomorrow - In Words & NZ Time.

      Excellent info here Wendi.. thanks for sharing.

    • lyoness913 profile imageAUTHOR

      Summer LeBlanc 

      3 years ago from H-Town

      Let me know how you like it peachpurple! I tried Toluna but I never got into it, I will revisit it since you mentioned it though!

      Thanks for reading!


    • peachpurple profile image


      3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i am going to try it out. sounds like Toluna, thanks

    • lyoness913 profile imageAUTHOR

      Summer LeBlanc 

      3 years ago from H-Town

      Lovely, that's too bad. I didn't realize that.


    • Lovely  C profile image


      3 years ago from Philippines

      I tried this website before but since I am from the Philippines,,we only had limited to none surveys..

    • lyoness913 profile imageAUTHOR

      Summer LeBlanc 

      3 years ago from H-Town

      Thanks Chris!

    • Chris Antonaros profile image

      Christos Antonaros 

      3 years ago from Athens, Greece

      Nice idea, I' ll check it out!


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