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What is my most inspiring book?

Updated on March 26, 2013

Dying To Be Me

I have just read one of the most inspiring books! Anita Moorjani writes about her experience of living with cancer and then dying from her disease. While she was dead she had a Near Death Experience or NDE and the revelations that came from her NDE solidified within me truths that I had discovered throughout my life through my own hardships.

I first heard about Anita through Wayne Dyer. My husband and I just happened to turn on the television last Sunday and on PBS was Wayne Dyer giving a seminar about his book Wishes Fulfilled. While both my husband and I have read Wayne's book, we both felt extra blessed to have caught this seminar on TV. At just the time we heard him speaking on PBS he started talking about Anita Moorjani and her book Dying to Be Me. Something inside of me knew that we need to get this book and my husband felt it too.

That night my husband downloaded the audio version of the book and we both started listening to it. I could not pull myself away. Anita was so real in her description of cancer and how it devoured her body. My husbands sister is currently in the mist of receiving chemo for her stage 3 breast cancer and so the description of Anita's experience intrigued me and allowed me to glimpse, through another's eyes, the reality of a survivor. But what mostly kept me glued to her story was her description of what happened and her awareness of life once she died.

All of my life I have been on a journey to learn who I am and why I am here. Like you I have had many hardships and yet I knew within every one of them that I was getting closer to this greater me that I felt. Anita, once dead, explained everything that I had intuitively learned throughout my whole existence yet she obtained it instantly in her passing. This knowledge solidified what I knew at my core to be true...we are all pure love. We are allowed to complicate our lives through our decisions and our disconnection with the love that we are. We allow "life" to lead us rather than allowing love.

Our lives are to be joyful. We have come here to love and experience everything that this existence has for us. We are not here to follow dogma or old paradigms. We are not here to follow someone else's view of what we should or shouldn't be doing with ourselves. We are here to choose what we want to do by how we feel about it. Our feelings are our guides that lead us towards a greater expansion of who we are.

You were born to be the leader of your life. You were born to know what is right for you by your body's response to what you do or think. Your feelings towards or against something is your internal guide and is unique to you. But knowing the difference between your emotional feeling and your internal feeling is important. An emotional feeling may have fear as it's cause and it may be the fear that is keeping you from experiencing. You were not born to be in fear. You were born to be living your life fearless and to know that if you are a little uncomfortable and you are putting yourself in a "safe" new experience then you should go ahead and do it. Always know how fear feels in your body so that you aren't allowing it to be your decision maker.

Anita's book inspired me to share more about what I know. It inspired me to share more about my story not to change others, but to connect on a deeper level and to hopefully inspire someone else to embrace their life in a fearless way. I know that I don't know everything and I am comfortable with that. I also know that I am forever evolving and learning and I know that is what I've come here to do and I encourage and challenge others to do the same.


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