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What scares you the most?

Updated on January 6, 2018
Bhargavi Acharya profile image

97 born and a bookworm, I am an awkward potato finding her way to become a french fry.

It scares me that a few months back, a retiring supreme court judge with ancient mentality ruled out objection on his last case to make amendments to section 377 of Indian Penal Code, deciding for the individual choices of millions of consenting adults. It scares me that a judge cried on national television because of stress, since everyone sees how slow courts are but no one bothered when he literally begged that our judicial system needs more judges. It scares me that certain people who have taken the mantle to rule a state or run for elections have the sheer audacity to blame rape victims and support rapists saying 'boys commit mistakes, forgive them,' on stage, in front of a crowd. It scares me that suicide of farmers who provide food on our table every day for three times doesn't faze us. It scares me that merit is just a word for a student who deserves education because some don't have the privilege of reservation. It scares me how children are treated in this world. It scares me how powerful adults are blackened in this world. It scares me that the media considers a tweet generated behind a screen between four walls news.It scares me how someone actually put up a bounty on a person's head in front of the nation and no one batted an eye. It scares me how people's "sentiments" get hurt for the honor of people who died centuries ago, but no one sheds a tear when soldiers die on the border. It scares me how easy it is for some people just to pick up a sword or burn a bus and smash civilian cars because of riots. It scares me how easy it is to stunt a civilization. It scares me that some men, even some of my friends, think low of women and openly express it. And not just this nation but also the world. It scares me how utter nonsense is vital here but not the fact that climate is changing, not the fact that we are basically on the edge of world war 3 because two men can't get a hold of their egos, not the fact that almost eighty percent of Syria is under ISIS, not the fact that refugees are being rejected from borders because of caste, not the fact that people who wake up in fluffy beds and work in expensive suits are tearing a nation apart with bombs and guns. It scares me that my hands are shaking while typing this. Can I post this on social media? Because freedom of expression is a scary thought now.

The fact that future seems dark scares me. The fact that we are regressing scares me. The fact that we are so utterly opinionated to commit harm scares me.

This broken world scares me. A lot.

© 2018 Maddie Sawyer


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