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What society has left me

Updated on June 18, 2014

I want what you want and that's a life,

I want a life of success happiness,

You left me breathless, absorbed my light, and stole my fight,

You received my happiness, and returned me madness and sadness,

I lifted my head up, and chose to do whats right in my heart,

I fought with all my strength, and beyond into the universe until nothing is left,

You pinned my head in between a rock in the dark,

You laughed at my dreams, and deemed me to doom on my quest,

I saw your examples, and forced ultimatums,

I flew over your head to escape your fire,

You thought you had preserved for your nations,

You beat me down until I tired,

I will tire, but not give in,

I must be me, so you can see, the breast to be,

You will loose this battle, and your end will be my win,

You will see that my power can overcome , so I will be better than what society has given me.

"Don't let society shape the person you are destined to be."

-Kelvin Jones


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