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What stories do dolphins tell their children?

Updated on October 13, 2016

So, what stories do dolphins tell their own children, their calves?

One such story might be of two dolphin princes, their kingdoms the world beneath the waves.


They were both Princes, however they were also twins, meaning they were both born at the same time by the same mother and father. This put the kingdom of the dolphins in great jeopardy.


As is the way of the dolphins, it meant we would get to vote for which Prince we would like as king, when they were old enough.

So on the two Princes' twelftyif a great election was held throughout the seven oceans, every single dolphin under the waves got a vote, a small voice in who to have guide our destiny.

Because some dolphins were very far away in very distant waters this took many days. After almost a week the final vote was announced.

A tie!

This had never happened before in dolphin history.

A meeting was called between the two brothers, the two princes.

The brothers met and spoke for many long hours. Onik & Zyn the siblings were named. To pronounce their names, make a oo then 'click' for Onik's and zeee nnn for the second brother.

Onik had always loved to build, whereas Zyn loved to grow things. Onik believed in actually creating things and learning technology, and thought that's where the Dolphin kingdom should progress.

Zyn on the other hand loved nature and thought technology and tools could damage it if they were mis-used.

So it was that neither brother would allow the other the victory and it remained a draw.

The disagreement didn't end with the brothers, soon up and down the oceans dolphins argued with each other.

For months the arguments continued and it was hard to be happy if you were a dolphin.

A great council was called with the two brothers summoned to meet with all the Elders of the Oceans. More than a hundred came.

Perik the eldest Dolphin, rumoured to have swum in all seven oceans called order to quiet down and silence the great gathering.

Both brothers were given time to argue their own points of view.

Onik went first. Perik swimming to the side to give Onik the central spot of the huge ring of dolphins.

'My elders, friends and advisors'. He began, taking time to look at all the assembled faces.

'From when the first dolphin constructed a wave wall we have used technology to help us, help us look after our calves, find one another, heal each other'

Of all the dolphins there,, almost exactly half the assembled audience banged their tails on the seabed, for that is way dolphins clap under water.

Dolphins can sense vibrations in water and the "noise" coming from the clapping was very loud and continued for a long spell.

-to be continued


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    • mrblueishmouvesky profile image

      mrblueishmouvesky 3 years ago

      tyvm Eiddwen, you've really brightened a murky eve! From one 'wen to another (mines with an o) hope you have a joyful weekend and beyond!

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 3 years ago from Wales

      A great story and now I look forward to part two.

      I read this to my grandkids who really enjoyed it and they after all are the true critics.