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What Is Love?

Updated on February 3, 2014
5 out of 5 stars from 2 ratings of What Is Love poem

What is love? I seem to get asked.

"What is love? You seem to have it easy."

"Why do you feel love and I feel nothing to them all?"

"You get all the boys."

"You get all the dates."

"You get all the love."

Simply, but surely, this is wrong.

I get all the boys.

I get all the dates.

But I don't get all the love.

See, love is not found.

Love does not appear.

Misconceptions steer us away from love.

Love starts from dirt.

Love needs nourishment.

Love is grown.

Love is our personal fairytale.

It isn't a book.

It isn't a fable.

It is what we create.

It is a blend of the bad.

With a mixture of good.

Together, you create a story.

That story which is raw is love.

Only one of mine was love.

We had the worst of days.

We had the best of nights.

He met me at my worst.

Yet he decided I was worth it.

I saw him at his weakest.

Barely knowing him, I strengthened.

See, this is love.

We have been torn apart.

We put ourselves together.

We have lost battles.

Yet we remain standing.

Side by side.

Two in one.

This my friend, is love.

© 2014 Dancia Susilo


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