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What's Found In The Bitters Of Sweet.

Updated on February 1, 2010


What's Found In The Bitters Of Sweet.

I have known

the taste of bittersweet,
it lingers on the shelves
of my collected thoughts,
those painful ones,

set way up high,
that are only reached

when I am lonely again.


But all who are

forsaken will be fine,
regardless of the outcome
of any distant love's return,
and why should you re-accept
any former love who

has spurned you,
Snakes have been

known to bite

more than once.
If you have a pure,
share worthy heart and soul,
that is a gift anyone would cherish,
If you long for something
much more then longing,
you must go to

great lengths to find it.
Anything less would

be simply settling
for what will be a mere

shadow of your dreams.

Pursue vehemently

the desires of your heart
and they will grant

you peace in the grace
of a new and most delectable love.
Anything less

is bittersweet.







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