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What's Life Part II

Updated on May 5, 2011

Make the most of what You have

As we grow up we realize that we can do "whatever" with our life.

It's good if you had at least some guidance in life before reaching that age! If all good was instilled in you, you have a great starting ground, and you migth have already picked up some role models you admired an want to be like!

Then, at this point in time you already should be knowing how to make the most of what you have in life; your health, self confidence, inner and outer beauty. Your brain will feed on what was implanted in it all along!

role model

What decisions you make and the results

You might choose to go on what your peers are doing or join the wrong crowd, drop shooting all together,...

If nobody ever told you this, make it a motto of running your simple life.

"Don't do anything in life that will cloud your future or have negative repercussions for the rest of your life -; those are the things you will never be able to change!"

Hey, you made it to the midlife stage - that's great! Yet there are people that mess up everithing just after you might say they did their BEST, they are having a GREAT life, they reach the American DREAM!

That sounds excelent...

And then - what you hear on the news is UNBELIEVEABLE!

At the end , - which can be their mid life or so, there is no more life!...messed up for ever, - wahtever damn thing they did - drive them through to the jail gates.....

Sometimes we are presented with opportunities that look insignificant, or rather ordinary. You  might not see how they fit into the big picture for your life, but  that has a purpose for your life. You should be handling well the little things looking at those as being equaly importan as the big things.

Handle all your responsibilities with dignity.

life, love ,laugh

How did you lose it!

WOW, where are you know!? Why are you behind close doors?

Why did you mess up YOUR OWN LIFE? and how?

LIFE - The Perfect Gift you ever received! It was yours in entirety, what happened, what went through your mind? did you think of the results of your actions?

Take a deep brath now! AND if you didn't mess up, - think about it!

It's YOUR LIFE - you have this once! it's yours to program it, to run it, schedule your every day, hour, family style, choose where you want to live.

WOW - have you ever count your hundreds of options you have in life?

Have you ever count your blessings?


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