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What's Old Foretold.

Updated on December 12, 2009

What's Old Foretold.


Old is a cold place
graced with thick socks,
long woolen pants,
and cardigans buttoned up tight,
against the June chill.

Old is life on hold,
most circulation
to the feet is cut off,
with long days spent
out of circulation amidst
the younger teeming masses.

Old is a fold
a wrinkle in time,
flesh creased like
a well read paperback book,
book-marked memories sealed
in chapters past,
as the epilogue draws near,
nothing novel about it.

Old is foretold to the young
by the wisdom of the aged,
"Don't rush things, life is precious,
savor each moment like a bon-bon,
for the clock goes way too fast."

Old is a mold,
eating at and eradicating
the robust glow of youth,
converting all back to
infancy's worst attributes,
diapered and toothless,
unable to walk,
we are eventually
reborn into eternity.



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