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What's wrong

Updated on September 2, 2015


What’s wrong with the Queen?


 There was a small castle in a small kingdom in M., where the Queen , King  and Prince should live happily, but they didn’t.

  The Queen was trying her best all the time, but nor King or Prince were ever satisfied with her duties.


“It’s not what I like”- shouted Prince most of the time, when food was served for him.


“That’s not what I want” -yelled King from the kitchen in the castle.


“You have a good life” they both screamed at the Queen from their parts of the castle.


Well, the Queen never complain that her castle is small and her rugs are not from Persia and in her garden she doesn’t have a big pond with gold fish in it or peacocks walking around and showing their beautiful tails to make her feel better when King and Prince in their bad moods.

She never said anything about her jewelry and gowns being not that wealthy as others queens from other kingdoms like N. or L. or even here in her own kingdom in M.


“You have everything you need and you don’t need to go to school everyday” yelled Prince as usual, “and your daughter princess sends you lots of Gifts”


“You’re using a carriage- (Ford, 2000) I bought you and you must be happy” shouted King to remind Queen about his generosity.


“Ah!” –said the Queen


In her dreams she wants to live far away in any quiet place enjoying just fresh air, beautiful sun sets and clouds in the the sky. Music from her heart and songs from her mind make her happy when she was alone in peace.


But Prince will be back from school and will jeer Queen thinking that’s what she needs and later King will be screaming and yelling about something else.


Where is that peaceful place, where I can be Happy thought Queen always.



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