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The Motorcycle Knight

Updated on February 8, 2017

In our times of blood and oil.

When corrupt vipers they will coil

Killing innocence, no regard for lives they spoil

Order burned and law is turned

Foul is fair, inhale the poison air!

Engine roars and hopes do soar

A legend lives once more.

Leather vest and a 12-gauge

He has returned to smash the cage.

2-wheel terror rides, ride into the night.

Not an option to run from an uneven fight!

Standing for innocence's plight.

His war begins.

Challenging the kingpins.

Rush 'em down!

Now there is no return.

Talking is over, TIME TO BURN!

Trigger, pump.

Take to the air and nitro jump!

Faster than you, he dodged and weaved.

Fallen enemy, cried and grieved!

Defeated and disgraced.

Let the shackles break and the ivory towers fall.

Invincible warrior standing tall.

Aiming high, gun fully primed.

Shoot off the grime and restore justice, down with crime.

Unstoppable speed, riding his mechanical steed.

Raining pain like rolling thunder!

Cutting tyrants, chaining devils, shooting through armour.

Built for speed, sent to fight.

Coming for the evil; riding through the night

Smashing gates at dawn where innocent blood is drawn.

The Motorcycle Knight knows no fear.

For he is God's true untouchable volunteer.

© 2017 Jake Clawson


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    • Paul Garand profile image

      Jake Clawson 14 months ago from Kazakhstan

      Thank you, sir. Inspired by Manowar (the band) and something from my childhood.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 14 months ago from Queensland Australia

      An interesting poem, Paul and quite a different subject matter. Well done.