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When All Is Well

Updated on April 14, 2011

I Want To Tap Dance On Your Doorstep

Wake up wake up

Wake up from a wonderful sleep

You hear the beautiful sound of rap a tap tap rap a tap tap

As you quickly get out of bed and wonder who could it be

It is me your friendly neighbor just coming by to say hi

You maybe never saw me

I am here now and that is all that matters

Today is a beautiful day even though it is raining

There is a sun behind the clouds we just can't see it from here

So hurry up grab your coat and we will go and find it

You are still confused and half asleep thinking this is a dream

So you grab your bathrobe and put on your slippers

Out the door you go

It is never too late to get excited about the wonderful joys of nature

So you step out in the rain and now it turns into a down pour

Are you sure the sun is behind that clouds you ask?

I am almost positive

What do you mean almost ?

As you walk into the mud your slippers begin to sink

I don't think we should of come this way

You yell out in uncertainty

Why do you say that

As a beautiful sweet voice calls back

My slippers are sinking deeper and deeper you mudder to yourself

Come this way

You begin to follow and then you begin to slide

You wave your hands from side to side

But it is too late you fall right in the mud

There is one big thud

Hurry catch up a soft high pitched voice echoed in the air

You get up and want to tell your neighbor a piece of your mind

As you walk this time you have to cross a mini river

You watched the woman cross on the rocks carefully stepping one foot at a time

You are sure you can do this

So you take your first step forward and are fine

Then you continue to walk on the other stones that are just barely above water

You walk on two more stones and then you have two more to go

Then you are on high ground again

OOOPS you lost your balance and down you go

Into the cold water head first

The water broke your fall and all you could hear is one big splash !

You didn't have time to yell to your sweet little neighbor

Your whole body went for a dip

You get up now drenched from head to toe

You are now even more mad than before and you are sure to tell let her have it

If she wasn't a woman you would give her a punch in the nose

You can still hear her voice

Come here come here

There is know time to complain or curse

So you slowly rise to your feet and now begin to run

You turn the corner and you can't seem to see her anywhere in sight

You have done a full circle from the front of your house

Then around the back yard up the left side

Across the little creek and back to the front of your house

You don't believe what you see

The sun shining brighter than a candle burning at midnight

It started so small and started to rise in the sky

You are shocked as the sun turns color from yellow to a bright red

You never did see your neighbor later that afternoon or any day after that

Rumor has it it was not your neighbor at all

She is Miss Sunrise and she came calling and wanted you to be the first to see her


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 7 years ago

      Is your neighbor calling you to get out and enjoy such a beautiful day?Take a walk.Get the mail the long way by going backwards and take tiny little steps not to fall.Just keep going when you get outside and walk all around.Come back in when the sun comes in.Thank you so much for reading.I write kind of a half poem half story.I created my own writing style I call it poem -story(lol)

    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 7 years ago from Great Britain

      You have an incredible imagination that captures me and takes me along wherever your poems lead. Thank you for this extra special one.