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When Autumn Comes Around Each Year

Updated on September 25, 2021
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John has been writing poetry since his school days. He was awarded the "Best Poet 2014 and 2021" Hubby Awards.


The Writing Challenge

Recently a fellow writer Carb Diva (Linda) issued a writing challenge as follows: "Your prompt is this photograph of a country road. Perhaps you have walked this path many times; do the colors, sights, and sounds of the autumn woods bring you peace and contentment? Or, is this a place you have never been before; what lies beyond the bend in the road?

I think that’s all you’ll need to get started. Let your imagination take you down the path, and start writing."

Most of the responses I have read so far have been essays reflecting on childhood memories and the Autumn season or short stories. Although I love the photo I had some trouble finding the inspiration necessary to write an article using it as a prompt. It seems I was meant to write a poem first - "Mr Humble." As soon as I had finished and published that, I sat down with Linda's photo of the country road and this time had no problem finding inspiration. For my response, I have decided to write another poem. This may be a little different to what you expect. I hope you enjoy the read.


When Autumn Comes Around Each Year

The colours of the country lane,

Warm Autumn hues assault my brain.

Red and yellow, copper too,

All fill my mind with thoughts of you.

Teenage memories unfurl,

Hand in hand with my sweet girl.

A stolen kiss beneath the trees,

The pledge I made on bended knees.

We thought our lives were right on track,

Not contemplating turning back.

Best friends as children, courting teens,

To wed one day was both our dreams.

Then something happened, unforeseen

That changed for us what may have been.

The townsfolk stoked the rumour mill,

Gossip spread like fire uphill.

Looking back it's like a dream,

Beyond the bend, the running stream.

We'd walked, they say, a country mile,

So stopped to wade for just awhile.

Then suddenly you've fallen in!

I didn't know you couldn't swim.

I tried to save you from the flow,

But the river wouldn't let you go.


The raging rapids won the fight,

They pulled you under out of sight.

I searched and searched with no headway,

I lost my one true love that day.

The coroner wrote on his file,

"Death by drowning. Was with child."

Accusations spread around,

Forced me from my quaint hometown.

"GUILTY!" so the papers said,

Unfounded blame upon my head.

No time to grieve or even cry,

My dreams and hopes had gone awry.

Time has passed me by so fast

But I still live within the past,

Hoping that you'll reappear

When Autumn comes around each year.

Every Fall I go back home,

Along that lane I sadly roam.

I dream that you are by my side,

But this time you will be my bride.


© 2015 John Hansen


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