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When 'Creators' become 'Teachers'

Updated on May 11, 2019
HeatherBlesh profile image

Heather is a published book author and illustrator who writes under multiple pen names and ghostwrites for other authors.

Who Are the 'Creators?'

Creators such as Writers, Engineers, Youtubers, Musicians, Artists, and Actors all pave the way with their unique vision and creativity to entertain, appall, mesmerize and, most often, become idolized by others. Yet they have earned their place as creators and there is no wonder why others look up to them. They have earned their place through practice, diligence, research and through hours of labor, perfecting their craft.

When do 'Creators' make the transition to 'Teachers?'

The metamorphosis that occurs when a Creator becomes a Teacher is gradual. The Creator may or may not intend to become the teacher, but the more the Creator perfects their craft the more likely they will become a 'Teacher'. This is the natural progression that occurs when a Creator has mastered or improved their craft and then seeks to pass on their knowledge and skill to those at beginner levels.

Do all Creators become Teachers?


ALL CREATORS will become a teacher for someone at one point or another. A creator may become an influence over a child (such as a daughter, son, niece or nephew) a friend, relative or co-worker. A Creator may become an influence on a much larger scale; from hundreds or even have millions of followers.

Creators that have gained a large following are referred to as 'Influencers'. As an Influencer, they have a responsibility to their audience to be consistent and predictable to their audience in order to gain loyalty.

What are some examples of Influencers?

A Youtuber whose channel is geared toward tutorials on Minecraft, especially one who has obtained a large following, would begin to lose followers if they would randomly start talking about puppies (unless it was a mod in Minecraft) Those who are interesting in the game Minecraft and would want to know more about how to build portals to other worlds or simple basics would subscribe and become loyal followers as long as the Youtuber was consistent with his content and was continuously updating and adding new content to keep the interest of his audience.

The same concept applies to people that enjoy watching a certain genre of movies as well as have particular actors that they favor. A fan of Dwayne Johnson, for instance, would likely enjoy films that have a combination of action and comedy. As an actor, Dwayne stays consistent with the type of roles he chooses.

A very popular Youtuber or Actor, such as Dwayne Johnson mentioned above, become teachers to those who wish to follow in their footsteps. Many popular Youtubers actually gain a large following for the sole purpose that they are teaching their audience something, but have the ability and skill to entertain their audience as well.

Dwayne Johnson is now the face and spokesman of a brand called 'Underarmor'. Through the brand, he encourages his audience to keep a healthy lifestyle and work out. He continues to stay fit himself because his audience expects that of both an action hero and from someone who is highly into fitness. Dwayne has gained a loyal following from both health advocates and action film enthusiasts.

"With drive and a bit of talent, you can move mountains. I know. I've done it "

— Dwayne Johnson

'Creators' Job Titles

Content Creator
Movie Script Writer
Digital Artist

My Role as a Creator and A Teacher

I am first and foremost a writer; a content creator. Yet through my writing, my aim is to move, entertain, inspire and hopefully teach my audience something new.

My goal this year is to provide the most valuable content to my audience and inspire new writers as I simultaneously grow my audience. I have something to offer my audience and the best way I to write about it.

This year I have also attained a new role with a private publishing company as a 'Marketing Editor'. I have had the privilege to work with newly budding Authors, and have had a hand in nurturing them along as I encourage them and help them step out of their own skin. Even though I have had less time to write this year as I have had in the past, I have found a new calling. I am, in a sense, teaching new Authors about structure, varying fonts, and giving them new ideas to help improve their manuscripts. This has been the most rewarding position I have had since I began my career as a writer. I am now in transition between being a Writer into a Teacher.

"A good teacher, like a good entertainer, first must hold his audience's attention, then he can teach his lesson."

— John Henrik Clarke

If you are a Creator, do you also consider yourself to be a 'Teacher?'

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